Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sheenazing Nomination WHAT?!

Ummmmmmm, you guys!!!!!






I came home from my Creighton Model practitioner training all energized and excited and then my excitement gets ONE UPPED by an email from the Bonnie of A Knotted Life saying I've been nominated for a Sheenazing Award!!


Pinch me! This isn't real!

Surely you meant to nominate a different blog, right?

I can't even.

Apparently, as your kindness would have it, I've been nominated in the Best Under-Appreciated Blog category.


Just wow.

You do understand that I'm just a normal girl blogging about her every day, normal, kinda nerdy, kinda boring, always Catholic life, right? Like, my blog is not nearly as cool, hip, awesome as any of the other blogs on those lists of nominees, right?

You get that, RIGHT?

And then when I found out that at least three of you lovelies had to nominate me to make it to this voting round.


Just wow.


I don't know what to say other than what's appropriate to say: THANK YOU!


Just knowing that this little infertility blog has made a difference in this little corner of the Catholic blogosphere makes my heart smile really big.

I started this blog for a few reasons. To keep in touch with family and friends. To keep a record of our infertility journey. To find support on said infertility journey. And, probably most importantly, to be support to others going through the same stinky thing. Because infertility is better met with a big support network. At least, that's what I think anyway.

So that's probably why this nomination means so much. Because, if I can go ahead and assume, it's because my silly little blog has made a difference for some of you. And that means the world to me.

By the way, you realize you've nominated an infertility blog, right?? I mean, we're usually the ones that get ignored or passed over or forgotten because we don't have a bunch of cute baby pics and hilarious baby-pooped-everywhere stories to tell. Just stories about meds making us crazy and surgeries and doctor visits and empty wombs.

I mean, I guess the past year has been quite eventful for me. Almost adopting, hosting that Little Happies link-up, Stitch Fixin', and then being super-surprise-blessed with a pregnancy. But infertility is still at the heart of it all. And you know that, right?

Wow, guys.

Just wow.

You all are too, too nice.

I'm blushing!

Ok, so here's the part where I tell you to head on over to Bonnie's blog and VOTE!

But seriously friends, I am NOT looking for votes. No siree, pinky promise. I kid you not when I say this nomination is way more than enough. And that's the only reason for this post. Not to tell you to vote for me (please don't!), but seriously just to say thank you.

I am humbled.

(Have I said that enough yet?)

I do, however, want to encourage you to go take a look at all the other awesome blogs doing awesome things and vote for them. Or if not vote, just take a looksie. That list of Sheenazing nominees (and honorable mentions!) is a whole kitten caboodle of legit Catholic blogs out there waiting to be discovered by YOU. So take this opportunity to find some new ones. I know I will!

And thanks again, friends. Thanks times a million!



  1. Your blog was in the category of "pissing rainbows" all the time? hahahaha LOL

  2. I was honorably mentioned and had the exact same reaction: "y'all do realize this is a teeny tiny infertility blog, RIGHT?!?!".

    It just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that the Catholic interwebs had some love this year for a couple of IF gals in that huge list of awesome Catholic apologists. It's only been a week since it was all announced, but I have met *so* many wonderful people online because of this. Humbled and tickled pink over here. (I mean, still a one line pink over here....but....). Giant digital high five, IF sister. <3

    1. Giant digital high five back!!! <3 So happy to see you on the honorable mentions list too!!! :) Congrats, girl! Keep up the good work!


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