Wednesday, July 2, 2014

That Fashion Thing I Occasionally Do

You know, this fashion thing.

I'm trying not to use the name of it on here because I'm hoping to avoid lots of random fashion stranger blog traffic from now on.

But let's just say it rhymes with Itch Nix.

Got it? ;)

Ok, so just like last time, I waited 2 months between boxes and was super pumped and ready when it arrived. This time, I requested as many dresses as possible and a jacket with an asymmetrical zipper. Check and check, both requests granted!

Here's what I got...

Three dresses, a top, and a jacket.

Let's get right into it...

Fuchsia Wrap Dress - $68

First let me just say... I had to look up how to spell the word fuchsia. That word is hard! Seriously! Ok, now we can talk about the dress...

The color I love. And the pleatedness of the skirt is nice too! Plus, it has pockets! But that's about it with this one. The collar is awkward and flappy in my opinion. And let's get to the real issue... my girls look like sag-o-sauruses. Pretty sure it's the pockets and the pleating under the boobs making them look extra sad and saggy. I'm even wearing my best, perkiest bra in the picture! I did my part, ya know? Oh well, at least that made the decision easy!

John made me do funny poses. "Put your hand by your face or something."

Turquoise Flare Dress - $128

So, I like this one! The color is pretty and the fit is like a glove. I know it looks a bit boring, but I didn't dress it up much. Think of all the possibilities... combine with some flashy jewelry and a nice jacket and BAM, I'll be looking like a million bucks! My two hesitations are... 1.) It actually kinda costs a million bucks, and by that I mean over a hundred dollars. BUT, in its defense, it's made of a very nice, thick material and it's super lined. Probably worth the moolah. 2.) Does it looks like a politician's dress? I felt a little like I should have been running a campaign and standing on a podium talking about hope and dreams and U-S-A!

I'm definitely undecided on this one. If it were a bit cheaper, I'd definitely keep. What do you think?

New headband from Monroe & Harlow!

Striped Maxi Dress - $78

I LOVE the way this one feels. It's stretchy and flowy and just plain comfy. Definitely loved putting it on. BUT, looking at pictures now, I'm thinking "meh." It's nothing special. Plus, I'm not exactly sure what to do about the lacy part on the top. Can I wear a nude bra and just let the straps show a little, like I did in the pics above? Can you even tell? Or to keep it classy, do I need to wear a strapless? I tried it on with a strapless, but let's just say strapless makes the girls look HUGE. And with the stripes of the dress, EVEN HUGER. I'm definitely still considering it, as the husband really loves it and, like I said before, I love the way it feels on. But, just like the last dress, it's a little more than I'd like to spend. Decisions, decisions.

White Crochet Shirt - $54

I've already shared pics of all these items on my facebook page and this shirt seems to be getting the most attention. The crowd likes it!! And that's making me think I need to keep it! The husband really likes it too. The embroidery is definitely fun and I like how I can play around with the color by wearing different colored undershirts. John seems to think I can wear it without an undershirt, but it's definitely a little see-through and I'm definitely not cool with that, thank you very much. I am cool with filling the white-shirt hole in my wardrobe. So, I'm pretty sure this one's a keeper. I could still be persuaded though...

Another funny pose for ya. "Now give me jazz hands."

Striped Asymmetrical Jacket - $78

Ask and you shall receive. I've had my eye on everyone's asymmetrical zipper jackets for quite some time now. I think they're fun and fashionable, so I've been meaning to add one to my wardrobe. I know, I know... wrong season for a terry jacket like this, especially in Memphis, but this girl doesn't care. I'll definitely get use out of it come October. (Yes, it takes 'til October to get cool around here. Not complaining.) Anyway, when I ordered this box two months ago, I asked for one and the stylist obliged! Thank you! I think it makes me look a liiiittle wide from the side, but I'm pretty sure that's just 'cause it's short. Otherwise, it's love. This one is for sure a keeper!

The end! (Of box #4. You know I just have to get another one!)

So, what are your thoughts? I'd love to know! What would you keep? What would you send back faster than it arrived? Gimme your fashion advice, puh-leeease!

Keep in mind, I have $50 in referral credits, so I'll save $50 overall on my purchase. I would also save 25% off if I kept all items, but I've yet to get a box where I want all five. A little lame, but I can deal.

I'll write an update at the end of this post by tomorrow night to let you know what I chose.

Thanks in advance, friends!

And lucky for you, my mom signed up for this fashion thing and her box is being delivered sometime today! She already told me I could post her pics on here, so get excited for that. Woop woop!

PS - If you're interested in getting your very own fashion box (complete with personal stylist), consider using my referral link. It gets me $25 off my next box as soon as yours ships. No pressure though! Just like to throw it out there. :)

I decided to keep (drumroll please)...

The jacket only! Here's why:

My go-to decision making method is to wait 'til the next day to try everything on again, then rejudge. When I tried on the blue dress again, I noticed it had extra material over my chest in a really awkward spot, so that made my decision easier. You can actually see it in the pics above. I don't know how I missed it the first time around. When I tried on the maxi again, it didn't feel as exciting or wonderful, plus I remembered that I'd just bought at $29 maxi at Target, so I felt like the most frugal decision was to return it. And finally, when I tried on the white top again, it just felt too baggy around my stomach, which made me sad because I want to wear tops that are baggy around my stomach, but only if there's a babe in there. So, back it goes!! The jacket is my only keeper!

And overall, it was only $28 (because of referral credz!), making it my cheapest box yet and making me want another one sooner than two months from now. Therefore, my next one arrives on August 1st! I asked for lots of patterns: polka dots, stripes, critters, florals!! Bring it on, Itch Nix! Let's see what you got!


  1. The turquoise flare dress is my favorite, though it is expensive. I don't think the striped maxi dress is flattering; if you're looking for soft, flow-y fabrics, Soma makes some comfy and gorgeous dresses. (I have quite a few from them.) I like the crocheted top. Personally, I wouldn't be wild about the jacket, but that's probably a personal taste thing. And yes, the fuchsia dress isn't worth it.

    1. Oooh, good Soma recommendation, Stephanie! Totally looking into that now. I'm pretty sure at this point that the striped maxi is a no-go. Still on the fence about the crocheted top. Thanks for your input!

  2. OK first of all, could you be any cuter?! Love these posts... we all need a little fashion in our lives to break up the boring stuff :)

    I actually LOVE the fuchsia color on you, but you're not sold on that one, so moving on. LOVE LOVE LOVE the jacket, great cut and fit (does not make you look wide at all IMO, but we're our own worst critics!), and the white shirt is also the buttons in the back, super flattering. If I had to pick I would choose those two, simply because the turquoise dress is a bit pricey (I'm just a cheapskate!) and the maxi dress you don't sound sold on.

    That's my two cents lady! Lookin' good! :)

    1. I've almost made up my mind and I'm thinking of keeping the white top and striped jacket too!! Though the white top is still a maybe. If I can find something similar for cheaper online, I may just do that. Thanks for the input! And could YOU be any cuter? :P Glad my fashion posts help de-borify life!

  3. I'm hopeless at fashion but love your descriptions and the play-by-play! And the fun poses =) I think the white top is really pretty, and I say if you can handle the price get the blue dress. I've found it hard to find dresses that I really like so if you like how that one looks/fits, I'd vote for it. And you, ha ha =)

    1. Haha! Good one, Ecce! I tried the blue dress on again and it fit funny up top... there was a little too much room for the girls, if that even makes sense. So I think I'm going to pass, even though it would have been a good staple piece (if the fit had been right). Now to decide on the white top. Hearing everyone say it's cute makes me think I should get it... Why are fashion decisions so hard sometimes?! :)

  4. I have more to say than I did on facebook! Who would have thought? ;)

    So I saw #4's price and was like, well FORGET that. And then I read that you had referral dollars! WIN! If it were me making the choice between #2 Blue Dress and #4 white shirt - I know the blue dress will get much more use in my wardrobe for a longer time. And I'll find the same exact thing in a white top for the next 3 seasons on my own without the Itch Nix...

    I still think you should trust facebook, your DH, and me (LOL) on #3. If it feels that good wearing it, go for it. How often do we feel *so* good in the clothes we wear? Also, it does amazing things for your figure. (Do you hear me #1 fuschia dress?? I'm talking to YOU.)

    I like the asymmetrical jacket. It would depend on the fabric and the rest of my wardrobe if I bought it at that price point. Does it go with a lot of what I wear already? Is it made well? Is it easy to launder or is it going to give me sad eyes in the laundry pile all the time?

    That's how I'd make my decision. I know, I know. Totally unhelpful :)

    1. I don't hate you, fuschia dress. I get what you are trying to's just that collar and those fake chest pockets. Come on. They aren't even pockets. We all knowwwww that.

    2. Haha, you tell that fuchsia dress!! :) And seriously, who puts stuff in boob pockets? You're right, they're faking it!

      All your feedback has been so helpful! I agree with what you say about the maxi dress feeling good!! But after trying it on again today, I didn't feel that same feeling. Weird! Plus, I just recently bought a striped maxi from Target, so maybe I should just let this $78 one go and be happy with the $29 Target one I already have. Sounds good to me!

      The jacket is made of a nice heavy material, good for cooler weather. Definitely seems to be made well! But now I need to check the tag for laundry info. You're totally right about sad eyes and the laundry pile. I have a few articles of clothing that can't go in the wash and it just makes me so sad when the gets so stinky or stained that they just HAVE to be cleaned... and then I have to pay for it at the dry cleaners. Blah!! Lame.

      Thanks again! Totally helpful!

    3. I want you to know that I wrote 'boob flaps' and 'boob pockets' like eight times and erased it and shamed myself. CATHOLIC BLOG. No boob flaps comments. And then see what you did? hahaha

      Good point about the maxi dress. I would be forced to pick the $29 Target version over a $78 dress any day of the week. I actually forced myself to return a black/white dress last week because I already have a few. Umm. At least one? ;)

      I am ashamed to admit that my sad laundry pile is conquered by my husband. Laundry is one of his virtues in our marriage. It's my love language. Totally sticking with that story. So glad the jacket is made well. I couldn't imagine giving that one up if it was that cute on me. This coming from the woman that just inventoried her own wardrobe and whose husband said to her "I'm pretty sure there are people in the world deprived of cardigans and jackets because of your hoard here..." (So glad my rambling helped. After I replied I was like - maybe I should just make an order myself since I have so much to say. lol. I think getting at least one piece per batch is a good deal though. You didn't have to wade the racks. Someone else spent the time and saved you time and money. And you could be eating fish tacos in that precious extra time. Amirite?

    4. I always feel weird about writing the word "boob" on here, but sometimes, you just have too. Especially because "breast" is just way to clinical. I wanna be more relaxed than that. Just saying.

      So happy the husband has laundry duty. That's AWESOME! Teach me your ways! Never be ashamed of an overabundance of cardigans. They work with basically everything, so of course you're gonna have a ton of 'em. If you ever order an Itch Nix, I hereby promise that I will give extensive feedback!! And yes, it saves time for much better activities, like taco-ing. :)

  5. That blue dress is a must. Jewelry, scarf, jacket, the possibilities to glam it up are endless .It will be a staple in your closet for years to come. It may be pricier but it will likely last a whole lot longer than a dress half the price. I am also loving the asymetrical jacket. Keeper! Other items were good but were a notch under that dress and jacket.

    ALSO - I want your headband...that mint one. Can you send me a link of the exact headband? i looked on that website and couldn't find it. :(

    1. Is it this one in adult sizing? I agree - super cute. I was looking too!

    2. Amanda - I tried the blue one on again today and it didn't fit right. :( Somehow it was a little baggy up top and made me look wide from the side. Sigh. So, that means back it goes. But otherwise I completely agree with you. A staple piece like that is worth the investment!

      CH - That's the one! But I ended up custom ordering it to get the adult size. It's so cute on that little girl!!!!

  6. OK I actually just custom designed that headband :) and bought it. I am a copy cat but it just proves how good you look that you made me want to buy one too!!

    PS - My fix comes in 3 weeks :)

    1. That's exactly what I did! Custom ordered it. Did you notice the fabric with the anchors?? I was very tempted by that one!! So cute. It may be my next headband purchase.

      I'm glad you like it. :) It's super cute! I wore a different one today (striped turban style) and one friend told me I looked like a pirate. Ha! At least I know the mint one looks cute. :)

  7. I really like the jacket, and the striped dress, and the blue dress...decisions decisions!!!

    1. I know!! Now that I've slept on it, I'm really thinking just the jacket. Especially because I tried on the striped dress and blue dress again and I didn't feel the same excitement for them. Hrmmmm... Decisions, decisions is right! Thanks for your input!

  8. Out of all of them...I like the blue flare dress on you the best. You could wear that one in the spring, summer and fall depending on the jacket or scarf you add to it. It's cute. Looks good on you too. Have fun if all of our dilemmas in life could be like choosing which outfit/dress to buy?

    1. I know, right? I wish it were that simple. :)

      I agree that the blue dress is great for dressing up and wearing pretty much year-round, but I tried it on again and it was a little too baggy in the chest. Don't know how I didn't notice that before. Bummer! Because it was a real contender for a little while there.

  9. With the fuchsia dress (that really is a tough word!) I love the color and the waist down, but agree that you don't want to get it. That top is no good! I actually like the maxi dress on you a lot. I mean, there are probably cheaper options out there if you're not sure about it, but I think it looks good. Love the jacket!

    1. Glad you see what I see with that fuchsia dress! No bueno!!

      I like the maxi dress too, but I've decided that since I already own a black and white striped maxi that was only $29, it's probably best to return that one. Keeping it frugal up in here!

      The jacket is for sure a keeper. :) Now to decide on that white shirt... GAH! I'm having trouble making up my mind!

  10. I love the turquoise dress and the jacket at the end! Super cute! Have you made your decisions yet?!

    1. I did!! Check out the update at the end of the post. :) Or, I'll just tell you... I kept the jacket!

    2. Cute! Good choice! :)

    3. Thank you! And thanks for helping me choose!


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