Monday, June 23, 2014

Little Happies -- Is the Pope Catholic?

Hi, fraaands! And welcome back to the happiest little link-up there ever was. :P

I has a thought. 

While I love, love, LOVE reading all your Little Happies each week (like, seriously, LOVE), I was wondering how all of you Little Happiers felt about doing the link-up only once a month... ? Not that we don't have things to be happy and grateful for every week, but I'm thinking spacing them out a bit would just cause Little Happies posts to be even more of an explosion of happy, since you'll be saving them up all month. And it'll make it easier to participate, since you won't be scrambling to put a post together each week.

I really want your honest thoughts here, folks! So shoot me a comment and let me know what you think. While we're sorting this out, let's still plan to do a Little Happies link-up next week. Thanks in advance for your input! 

Now, on to the good stuff...


A board game called Is the Pope Catholic!?! The Catholic Nostalgia Game.

A kind older parishioner donated the game to our youth group, so obviously that meant I had to try it out first before letting the teens play it.

You know it's going to be good when the introduction reads:
This game is dedicated to the "survivors" of the Catholic Church and the Catholic educational system which existed prior to and shortly after Vatican II. This game offers practicing Catholics, "fallen away Catholics," and those Catholics somwehere in between, the opportunity to re-experience those "golden years" of pagan babies, May Crowining processions, sin, Saturday afternoon confessions, meatless Fridays, sin, Baltimore Catechisms, ruler-battered knuckles, and sin... all of which led us to become "soldiers of Christ and heirs of heaven." Although the stated goal of this game is to become the "Pope," the underlying purpose is to look back, resurrect a memory or two, and perhaps find some humor and healing for that period in our lives.
I kid you not, that's the premise of the game. Crazy hilarious, right? 

Even better, there are sin cards that cause you to lose a turn or go back several spaces and grace cards that gain you advantages. You have to read one for yourself to believe it.

This game is the bees knees. It had me in stitches last week as I played it with my friend and fellow youth minister, Jeff. 

And for the low low price of $50 ('cause apparently it's a collectable now), you too can be the owner of this ridiculously perfect Catholic nerd game.



Two words: Oprah Chai.

But not that sissy stuff they make at Starbucks. No, you MUST buy a few ounces of the loose leaf version at Teavana and make an extra strong brew for yourself. If you like spice, especially cinnamon, you'll love this liquid treat!


TWINS! No, just kidding. Just me and me again.

I'm pretty sure a major headband obsession has just kicked in. I bought those two beauties above at Francesca's last week and I just ordered two even cuter ones from Monroe & Harlow a few days ago. A fun, easy, and affordable accessory -- what's not to like? :)


Have you ever snuggled under a Vera Bradley throw blanket before? Oh my goodness, they're the softest, cuddliest fleece blankets you'll ever own. I bought my second one last week as a treat for making it through my youth ministry mission trip and have been laying under it ever since. 

I know they're a little pricey, but here's my expert tip: click on the "sale colors" tab and pick your favorite from there. It knocks off $20 and makes it much more affordable. I know, $30 is still a bit steep for a fleece blanket, but you just have to touch it to believe it: it's waaay worth it. And who doesn't love a cute Vera Bradley pattern? They make great gifts too! Just go for it. 


I bought it a few weeks ago and have rocked it several times since. It's plain, but oh-so-flattering. The material is heavy enough to feel sturdy but light enough to wear all summer long. 

Even better news: it's currently on sale! Plus, Old Navy is running an online only 20% off sale until Wednesday, so if you like it, I say go for it! It'll look cute on you.

Oh, just a side note -- you may be tempted by the other cute colors, but from all the reviews I read, apparently the colorful ones show every bump and jiggle and imperfection. So stick to the black, unless you don't care about that stuff. And to that I say, more power to ya! ;)


That's all for this week. John and I are headed off to NYC tonight for a little vacation before my vacation time resets. We'll spend the week chillin' with his aunt and uncle, seeing several shows (including Once on Broadway!), probably eating too much, and just enjoying some free time as tourists. I've got a scheduled post coming your way on Thursday, but other than that, things will likely be quiet from me for the next week.

Catch you all on the flip side.

Have a lovely week, loves!


  1. That game=HILARIOUS. I foresee a pretty great Christmas present for my glad you shared! And I might need one of those maxi dresses, are tempting me!!! Have a GREAT time in NY, you guys certainly deserve a trip! :)

    1. Oh man, if you buy that game, you must let me know! It's crazy awesome. Oh, same for the dress too! I bet they have a cute maternity version. :)

  2. I wrote a huge response to your above post AND the question of frequency but then I clicked something and it all went away :(

    I don't have the energy to retype LOL so I will shorten it up/.

    As to frequency - I love LH and will do them as often as you are able to do them. Follow your own limits and if you want to scale to once a month, do it. We will all follow suit. If you like once a week, do it. I will keep up with it and enjoy doing so.

    And I now have a date with chai tea due to your inspiration! It's not Oprah chai thouhg...

    And that maxi dress and headbands just spell out SUMMER. Love them all! You are making me antsy to get my first sticth fix, as I am in NEED of some summer clothes. Waiting one more month till it arrives though!

    1. Blogger can be so rude sometimes! Sorry it ate your comment.

      Thanks for being my LH cheerleader. :) I'm going to keep doing it weekly, because among another things, I think I need the push right now to keep thinking about all the little blessings in my life.

      What kind of chai are you dating??

      I can't wait to hear about your fix!! Mine should arrive tomorrow. And my mom is getting her first one next week. :D

  3. I didn't know we were suppose to do LH's every week? I do them when I have something happy to write about which hasn't been happening much lately. I am sure once a month I could find some things to be happy about though. I've actually tried on maxi dresses and they make me look shorter than I am...I don't look good in them. Maybe when I get in better shape....but for now...I love my flowy summer dresses.

    1. That was the original plan for LHs, but really you can just join in whenever you're feeling it because that's perfect! It's sometimes hard to find things to be thankful for, especially while going through our IF funks, but I find it helpful that I have something weekly reminding me to find the positive, even when I feel crummy. It's not easy, but it's helpful. :) Ooo, flowy summer dresses are great too!

  4. I'm just not that organized in general right now, so that's why I've been hit or miss. I love LH's though, and once a month seems far too long in between! (Right, probably She Who Does Not Post should also be She Who Does Not Have an Opinion!) Maybe every other week, like the 1st and 3rd or 2nd and 4th Monday? Or however. I agree with those that say that you should definitely do what works best for you since you're hosting.

    Have a wonderful vacation! I'll be here. Working.

    1. Thanks for chiming in! You're absolutely allowed to have an opinion. I like the every other week suggestion. I may switch to that at some point. As for now, let's keep doing it weekly (when we can). I think it'll be good for my soul to keep it up. :)

      And sorry you're stuck working!! I'll take you with me next time, k? :)

  5. Pretty headband!!!! Love the once a month idea. That game sounds, do you know where you can order it? My hubby would love it. Have fun in NYC.

    1. It looks like they have used copies of the game on Amazon! I'm not sure you can buy it new since it's probably not being printed/sold in stores anymore. If you get it, let me know what you think! I bet your husband would love it too. :)

  6. Replies
    1. Mmmm! So good!! :) Glad I found a chai sister!


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