Monday, June 2, 2014

Little Happies -- I'm Probably Going to Make You Salivate

Do I win the award for most awkward Little Happies title this week? 

I promise I'm not trying to be awkward. I just happen to unintentionally be really good at awkwardness sometimes. My b.

The reason I say you're probably going to salivate is... there's a lot of food in this post. I'm a little bit ashamed, but at the same time, this girl just can't help it. They say the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I'm pretty sure that makes me a man means I'm the exception to the rule. Just sayin'. Food is a happy-maker in my life. 

So, here we go. A Little Happies post almost entirely made up of food. Not sorry. Just Happy. :)  


Let's start with this beauty.

I found a nearby bakery that makes gluten free cupcakes!!! (Insert extreme happy dance with lots of flailing and fist pumps.) OBVIOUSLY I had to choose the strawberry one, which just so happened to surprise me even more with its killer cream cheese frosting. Mmmmm. Salivating yet? 


This boy joined me at work for a lunch date. He ate a turkey sandwich, I drank a fruity smoothie (my go-to lunch these days) and we shared a big bowl tupperware container of Bacon-Tomato Bisque, a recipe I totally stole from Amanda over at True, Good, and Beautiful. Yes, I totally creeped through the archives of her blog and discovered it. Not even ashamed to admit it because I got a delicious recipe out of it. Plus, isn't that what blog archives are for -- hardcore creeping? Don't act like you've never done it before.

Ok, that was a bit of a tangent. What I meant to say here was... I loved having a lunch picnic date thing in my office with the husband. It was fun and simple and made the work day go by a little faster.


We interrupt this food-centric blog post to bring you a non-fooded intermission.

I co-wrote a post this past week and it was a ton of fun! Lisa from Little Moments helped me write about how adoption and pregnancy are related. Click here to check out the post if you haven't had a chance to read it yet. I had the idea for the post a few months ago, but kept putting it off because I felt like I wasn't exactly qualified to write about adoption things I haven't experienced yet. Ya know? Well, then one day Lisa randomly wrote on her blog about how one thing in adoption related to something pregnant women usually experience and I was like BAM! Let's write a post together! She had some great ideas to add and definitely gave a better perspective on some stuff since she's a little further along than us.

Thanks, Lisa! That was a blast!! It really brightened my week to put our two heads together and create something fun like that. 

Be sure to check out her blog if you haven't yet. She writes about lots of great stuff including her handsome little adopted dude, Nathan. Love it.   


Ok, so I guess I had two non-related-to-food Happy things this week.

John and I took a newborn parenting class this past weekend, our final requirement from our adoption agency before we're officially offically ready to adopt. It was us plus about twenty pregnant couples in the class, and two funny nurses running the show. Once I figured out how to look past all the ginormous pregnant bellies and ignore some of the "your body after baby" advice coming from the presenter, the rest was pretty alright.

We learned lots of random stuff: how to change a diaper, what normal poop should look like (including pictures -- gross!), bottle feeding, sleep stuff, swaddling, giving a babe a bath, installing the car seat, etc. Overall, I think it was a good call for our agency to require it because I needed to hear that stuff. I only wish the agency could run their own class so that we didn't have to enter pregnant-land to take it. 

The best part was when my non-pregnant self actually had an advantage. Our big classroom was right next to the hospital cafeteria and the cafeteria just happened to be cooking really stinky broccoli that day. It was hilarious to watch all the pregnant women gag and cover their noses as soon as the brocco-stink wafted into our room. Lucky for me, I wasn't much affected, as my sense of smell isn't heightened by pregnancy hormones right now. Score for the infertile gal! 

Ok, so I guess that ended up being food related.


Back to the food stuff.

After our newborn parenting class, we went to Memphis's annual Italian Festival! We basically spent the whole afternoon hanging out at the Theology on Tap tent, where our friends were. They competed in the pasta sauce competition so we got to try their sauce (aka gravy) which was pretty tasty. We also wandered around for a little bit and I happened to purchase heaven in a bag...



Frito Pie. 

Please tell me you've had one of these. 

Fritos + chili + cheese + jalapenos + Louisiana hot sauce 

That's how I ate mine at the Italian Festival. I know what you're thinking. "Who goes to an Italian festival and eats this non-Italian junk?" Umm... the answer is "me." With a follow-up of "I don't even care!" and "It was probably the best dang thing at the festival." (And that's saying something, because there was lots of good food there.)

Just go out and try one for yourself sometime before you judge. They're super easy to make on your own if you don't have a festival nearby serving them up. Oooo, they'd be great as an appetizer at a party. Just go for it. I promise you won't be sorry.


Fish taco bowls for dinner. Delish. 

I'm blessed to have a husband who's really good at cooking fish.

I got the recipe off the Anti-Inflammatory Diet Facebook group I'm in. Thanks, ladies. This dinner was a win. Love that little group!

You know what makes me extra happy? That slice of lime. Mmmm. Lime + fish + avocado = a delightful combo.


In this cup sits the most delicious tea: white chocolate mint Tea from Teavana. A great dessert you don't have to feel bad about. Plus, that cup's super cute. Actually, I'm a little bit of a teacup collector wanna-be. If I had an infinite bank account, I'd buy all of the tea cups at Anthropologie and then live happily ever after. 

Basically what I'm trying to say here is there's just nothing like a warm cup of tea after a long day. Cupping it in your hands and sniffing in the warmth, then taking a big sip as soon as it's cooled enough to drink without burning le tongue... friends, does it get much better than that?


  1. I think I salivated the most over the chili. Holy cows, that looked good! :)

  2. WOOOW that cupcake!!!!!! :) :) :) It looks like something even a gluten-eater would bite into and love. That's like creating art because it can be hard to make GF taste like the real deal! I also love that this post is about food in some way or another! I laughed out loud when I saw the tomato bisque!! I am so glad you found that post! Isn't that soup phenom??!!!?? We triple or quadruple it and freeze so we always have it available. I love the kick the red wine brings. How do you like it???

    Congrats on getting the parenting class done! Isn't June the month you go "active" with profile showing?!?!!?! You really are ready to go now! Have you heard from your agency on if any birth mothers have been in contact with them? I'm really excited for you both as you are coming into the final phases of adoption!

    1. That soup is absolutely phenom. You're totally right in saying the red wine just gives it a kick. It kicks it up a notch then kicks you in the mouth with awesome. We loved it and will definitely be making it again. :) So happy I creeped on your older posts!

      I just chatted with our agency today to tell them we took our class! I didn't ask if they were currently working with any birthmoms (is it weird that I'm too nervous to ask?), but she did say it could happen at any time! So, who knows! John and I are traveling on a youth ministry mission trip next week, so the agency will probably hold off on calling us until after. Once we get back, it could be a matter of weeks OR it could take another year. Just depends on what God wants to happen at this point. We're hoping for the shorter wait though. If not, we've come up with lots of fun things to do around town and a few little trips we're going to take this summer to keep ourselves distracted. Distraction is key at this point! I can feel your excitement for us and it's great. We're super excited for you guys too!! Gooooo A&J! Thanks for the support! <3

  3. They sell the frito treats here at football games & call them flying tacos.. ( minus the peppers). We need a nice gluten free bakery. Cupcake looks yummo!

    1. Flying tacos! I love that name!! And I bet they're sooo delicious, even without the peppers. Mmmmm! If you ever come visit in Memphis, I'll buy you one of those cupcakes. I've been searching the city for months for some good gluten free grub, so I'm rejoicing now that I've found some!

  4. Yes you did!! (made me salivate, that is =))

    Wow I did a double take at that strange looking kiddo! That sounds like a helpful class but I wish they offered one for adoptive parents too!

    I love Teavana!!! I've had the chocolate mint - I bought it specifically to drink it out of china teacups while watching Downton Abbey =)

    The Italian fest sounds so fun!

    1. Maybe we should start a business that runs online newborn parenting classes for adoptive families! It wasn't my favorite to be around all those pregnant bellies for the morning, but I did learn lots of great stuff. And yeah, that baby was weird looking. Definitely a little bigger than newborn size.

      I'm so glad you know the joy of that tea. Mmmmm! So tasty! And it must've been extra dainty in china teacups while watching Downton. That sounds delightful!

  5. That parenting class sounded inviting until you mentioned everyone else in there was prego...eeek...not sure I am ready for that. I think you are on to something by adoption agencies offering baby classes for parents of adopted babies. Why don't more of them do that? I do think my dh would benefit as well...I can't wait to watch him change a newborns diaper. Insert lots of laughing right now...hehehe.

    Fun post again Stephanie.

    1. Yeah, the pregnant bellies were probably my least favorite part, but the material we learned was definitely worth it. Hrmm... I bet if you bought Baby 4-1-1 or a book similar you could learn all the same stuff without having the sit in a room full of pregnancy. You can also buy your own "materials"... get a doll and some diapers and put that husband to practice!! Ha!

    2. I agree; it would be great for agencies to offer their own parenting classes. Being the odd one out doesn't sound fun.

    3. I definitely felt a little out of place. Luckily, one of the nice nurses running the show chatted with us about adoption for a little while, so I felt better after that. She was genuinely interested to hear our story. And she was excited for us! So, that was nice!

  6. So many great things here!!! Yummy cupcake. It's not required for us but we were Just talking about taking an infant care class this past weekend. Sounds like it was helpful!

    1. Wish I could share that cupcake with you! What I love even more than eating yummy food is sharing it with friends. :)

      If you end up taking the class let me know what you think! I'd say it's pretty worth it, especially if you're pretty clueless about babies... like me!

  7. So much of that looks really good! Food is a very happy thing. :)

    1. VERY happy!! I have to be careful because it's very tempting to make ALL my Little Happies about food. :)

  8. You succeeded in making me salivate...looking at the Frito pie. :) It looks so good!

    1. It WAS so good! I was sad when it was all gone. THAT's how good it was. :)

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