Saturday, August 31, 2013

Photo-A-Day Challenge {Part 2}

I wrapped up my photo-a-day challenge today! (Hosted by Mary @ Tall Mom, tiny baby)

It's been a fun month of photographizing and instagramming.

And though I am still excited about the idea of hosting my own photo-a-day challenge here on this blog, I think I need a little bit of time off from freaking out over what my photo-of-the-day will be around 9pm every night.

So here are my last 17 photos of August. Enjoy!

Day 15 - yellow
My bright yellow purse!
(Purchased off the sale rack at J. Crew - SCORE!)

Day 16 - the letter A
The letter A is for "aflame" and "appetite" and "Asian." I
love me some hibachi. It's even better when you enjoy it
with a good friend.

Day 17 - simple
Plain and simple - I love my job. Spent all day
at a youth retreat and enjoyed every awkward
teen moment of it. 

Day 18 - fresh
Nothing better than a fresh, made-with-no-preservatives
birthday cake. (This picture may look familiar.)

Day 19 - messy
Spent the night with John and the in-laws in downtown
Memphis. We eventually found our way to messy old Beale
Street to listen to some live jazz at the Rum Boogie Cafe.  

Day 20 - colorful
The sunset on Johnny's birthday.

Day 21 - lunch
Arrive at work by 12:00pm, eat my working lunch by

Day 22 - on the shelf
My mother-in-law gave us a few old framed pictures of John
as a precious baby. This one's on the shelf in our bedroom,
only because it's just so darn cute!

Day 23 - smile
Cheesy smiles for complementary outfits :D

Day 24 - faceless self portrait
Red hair, don't care.

Day 25 - quiet
Went to all masses this weekend to hand out flyers and
attract new members to the youth group. This was in the
narthex at the 7:30am mass during communion, the mass
with no cantor or organist. So quiet, so peaceful. I could
only hear the drip, drip, drop of the baptismal font.

Day 26 - entertainment
Harry Potter & My Favorite Goofball - my
entertainment for the evening.

Day 27 - funny
Ok, so I thought the pic of the day was supposed to be
"happy." But apparently it was "funny." That perfectly
curled froyo is kinda funny, right?

Day 28 - words
Lots of words and rules involved in learning a new game -
Catan Dice Game.

Day 29 - staying cool
I didn't actually go for a late night swim, but this is what
our apartment pool looks like at night. Pretty cool.

Day 30 - joy
Wedded bliss.
(Wedding photography by my brother, Matt Ferrara)

Day 31 - big
Picked up this massive 10-lb pork butt tonight after mass.
The Knights of Columbus were selling them as a fund-
raiser. It was love at first bite. And now we have about
6 more pork dinners stored up in the freezer. SCORE!


  1. I love these! They give such a neat window into ordinary life (which is never really all that ordinary). And...Catan dice game? Whoa! Is that for 2 players? We love Settlers but have to scrounge up 2 willing participants to play...We also love the game Carcassone. Have you played that? Also love the froyo picture. Your pictures always tend to make me hungry...!

    1. Catan dice game is a 2 player game! We were on the hunt for good 2 player games because while we have a bunch of games, not many of them are good for just 2 players. And just like you, we LOVVVVE Settlers, but it's always hard to get friends together to play it. So when we read about Catan dice game, we were too excited. We bought it that day at Barnes & Noble and played almost immediately. It's great! There are 2 different ways to play it - I recommend the red game... it's most like Settlers. The green game is fun too, but you don't have as many options when you play. You'll see what I mean.

      We've never played Carcassone, but we've heard of it. We'll have to check it out!

      You don't happen to live near Memphis, do you? Man, if you do, we HAVE to have a game night!

    2. Nope, we're in DC. Bummer! We love game nights! Maybe someday :)

  2. Love the pics! What is this "photo-a-day challenge" you mentioned? I also wanted to thank you for finding my blog and for your kind words. May God bless you! :)

    1. The "photo-a-day challenge" can actually take on many forms - I did one once for an entire year, where I took a photo every day to represent what happened each day. It was pretty neat. The" photo-a-day" challenge I did here came from another blogger. At beginning of August, she posted a list of themes associated with each day of the month. So, every day for the month of August, I took pictures based on the themes she came up with. For example, the theme for the 31st was "big" so I did my best to take a picture that represented that. It was a great challenge all month long and I'm happy with the way it turned out. It'll be fun to look back a few months or years from now and remember what I was doing every day during August 2103. Thanks for commenting! May God bless you too :)


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