Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Photo-A-Day Challenge {Part 1}

I'm currently about halfway through an August photo-a-day challenge on instagram. A friend from college, Mary, started hosting this photo-a-day challenge through her blog, Tall Mom tiny baby, a few months ago. I decided to jump on the bandwagon this month, and so far it's been fun.

Today I thought, "Why don't I share my loverly photos with my blogger friends?" I mean, it's an easy way to give you more glimpses into my pretty little life, right? So, here goes. For your viewing pleasure, I give you my first 14 days of August photos. Expect more as the month wraps up. And enjoy!

Day 1 - me
I'm on the far right, with my boy-ish bowl cut. (What was I
thinking?!) The rest of these cuties are my sibz. The littlest,
Jeff, would not stop crying during the photo shoot. Good 

Day 2 - daily routine
Snuggling up under my fave blanket after a good day's work
and eating a tasty home cooked dinner. (Fish tacos, duh.)

Day 3 - black & white
My best friend in black and white. Note the new glasses.

Day 4 - something old
Hard boiled eggs, nothing new 'bout that. But
topping them with Sriracha and actually baking
them instead of boiling them... that's how I keep
things egg-citing.

Also Day 4 - something old
Our youth group seniors, who are actually college freshman
now! We celebrated their graduation at our youth group cook
out this evening. Gonna miss those goobers. 

Day 5 - happiness
Homemade black bean and sweet potato enchiladas. (recipe)

Day 6 - your sky
Love the sunset palette.

Day 7 - pretty
The groom and groomsmen holding the bride's and bmaids'
purses while they were off hammin' and glammin' it up for 
the camera. Thanks, boys!

Day 8 - reading
Love me some sight reading and singing. Spent the evening
singing with our church's contemporary choir during rehearsal 
for mass.

Day 9 - upside down
I found my favorite candy at Kroger! And then I went to town 
creating this gem of a self portrait featuring said candy. Btw, 
does it have an official name? Gummy slices?

Day 10 - makes me smile
Cruising 'round town in the new car, wearing my fave $15
sunglasses, drinking delicious tesote from Las Tortugas. 

Day 11 - full
Full tummies after froyo night with the youth group.

Day 12 - shadows
One of my favorite photos from our wedding: a late-night
shot of the back of my gown. My brother is a photography

Day 13 - music
Serenaded late at night by the hubs. Yes, please!

Day 14 - texture
Love me some juice - apple, orange, carrot, ginger. Look at
that yummy texture!

If you follow me on instagram, these pictures will look familiar. :) If you don't follow me on instagram, but would like to, find me @stephschweitz.

Friends, would you participate in a photo-a-day challenge if I hosted one? Thinking about starting one, but only if you'd play along. What do ya think? 


  1. You are making me hungry! and it's only 6:30 a.m.! =) amazing pictures

    1. I guess I do feature food in about half of my photos. Haha.

  2. I love the pictures, especially the wedding dress in black and white and the one with you and the sunglasses :) I might participate in your challenge.

    1. Yay! We have one taker! :) I'm thinking of hosting a photo a day challenge a few months from now... I need a little bit of a break from the photo a day thing at this point. Stay tuned, though. I'd love it if you participated!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! The only credit I can take on that one is loading it on to my phone and cropping it with instagram. My brother, Matt, an amazingly talented wedding photographer, took that one for me on our wedding day.


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