Friday, September 9, 2016

We Bought a House!

All praise be to God! Everything fell into place, easy peasy, and now we're homeowners!

We've spent the past week painting like mad. Not a huge fan of the deep beige and light creme colors they left on basically every wall. HUGE fan of the awesome colors we're covering them with -- blues and grays and deep green and mint. AHH! Can't wait to show you. 

There'll be some serious before-and-after shots to be shown once we're all settled, but for now, it's still in mess mode. And I'd rather not put that on the internets for all to see. Plus, we haven't moved anything over from our apartment yet, so it's basically an empty house with a bunch of half painted walls. Boring. But we're having so much fun already!

Thank you for your prayers. :) They worked! 

Now back to painting. And internet furniture purchases . . . 

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