Friday, June 19, 2015

Newborn Photos

Well, hello!

We're all still alive over here. But also still adjusting, to parenthood AND to living in a new city. As if figuring out our newborn wasn't enough, we've thrown a major move into the mix. Whew!

We moved from Memphis to Johnson City one week ago today and we're still not fully unpacked into our new place. Nope, probably not even 50% unpacked yet. 

As it turns out, our sweet little John Paul baby is a fussy one. We love him to pieces and can't get enough of his chubby cheeks and occasional coos and smiles, but if he's not being held or fed or entertained, he's gonna fuss. Bless him. So that leaves only one of us to do al the unpacking, And it's really more like unpacking AND purging. Store this, throw that away, donate that. After 3 years of living in our previous apartment, we seemed to have accumulated ALL THE THINGS. So in addition to being new parents and moving across Tennessee, we're also now in the middle of a giant spring cleaning of sorts. Oh, and John starts his new job in less than 2 weeks.




Anyway, all this to say, I've had my reasons for being away from the keys for a while. And I'll likely continue to be away a bit while we sort through this new chaotic (but lovely) adventure we're on. Sorry. Such is life!

HOWEVER! To make up for it, I give you these photos of our adorable baby boy. These were taken at 1 week and 3 days old. D'awwwwww!

We wavered back and forth a bit on whether we should hire a newborn photographer, but BOY am I glad we did! He's already grown so much since these were taken, so at this point I'm SO glad we decided to professionally capture his earlier itty bitty days. 

Pretty cute, right? :)

Anyway, I'll be popping back in again... eventually. Once this apartment doesn't look a hot mess! And once our precious little fussy pants is a little less fussy (love him!). And basically once life settles down a bit. Especially because I still have so much to say. Expect one last birth post and a nursing post and other rando things to come your way. But like I said... eventually.

XOXO 'til then!

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