Our Timeline

September 23  - Engaged to my handsome John!

February - Start learning the Creighton Model as part of our marriage prep. Taught by Dr. Hilgers's daughter-in-law!

July  - Married! One of the best days of my life. :)

October - Start TTC.

January - Start working as youth minister at our parish. Keeping my mind off babies and enjoying the new busy schedule.

February - Actively start thinking something is wrong. Why no baby yet?

May - Meet with our NaPro doctor, Dr. G. We know we're at the very beginning of the "figure all this stuff out" journey, but we're happy to be in the care of a good, Catholic doctor. Husband's SA comes back completely normal. Blood tests show that I have low periovulatory estradiol. An ultrasound series shows I'm ovulating (or at least, it looks like I'm ovulating). Ultrasound also shows egg-sized fibroid sitting on top of my uterus. Dr. G finds endometritis, so I take an antibiotic for 2 weeks to clear it up. TEBB disappears! (Yay! But only for one cycle.) And cramps are much less painful!

July - Another hormone panel shows same results - low periovulatory estradiol. Estradiol and progesterone are in normal range post-peak.

August - I have a feeling the endometritis (infection of uterine lining) has returned. Dr. G agrees both John and I should do a(nother) round of antibiotics for 2 weeks. We decide this month to start the home study process for adoption.

September - Laparoscopic surgery with Dr. G, NaPro doctor. Very minor case of endometriosis found and excised. Fibroid seems to not be in the way of anything. Tiny uterine polyps found which usually means endometritis, but tests come back negative for infection. Tubes are clear, shape of uterus looks good, and uterine cavity looks good too. Meet with our adoption case worker for the first time.

October - First Clomid cycle! 25mg, CD3-5. Robitussin and sustained release B6 for mucus production. Ultrasound shows seemingly normal ovulation, though signs of an egg in the follicle are still not detected. Clomid messed with my post-peak estrogen and now it's too low.

November - Clomid, 50mg, CD3-5. Continue with Robitussin and sustained release B6. Hormone panel still shows low post-peak estrogen, but looking slightly better than last cycle. Trying out the anti-inflammatory diet. Overall, this cycle was pretty wonky.

December - Clomid, 50mg, CD3-5. Robitussin and sustained release B6 for mucus production. Still easing my way into the anti-inflmmatory diet (should probably stop eating all these chocolate chip cookies). First cycle of HCG injections, P+3, +5, +7, +9.

January - Clomid is the same. Stopped taking the Robitussin (it was too syrupy and sugary), still taking sustained release B6. HCG the same as last cycle.

February - Clomid, B6, HCG. Made it all the way to P+15 this cycle! Still no baby, though.

March - Clomid, B6, HCG. Reintroducing icky Robitussin because mucus wasn't that great last cycle. Follow-up appointment with Dr. G. We're going to continue with all the medications and add a monthly antibiotic: Biaxin.

April - Clomid, B6, HCG, Robitussin. Adding an antibiotic -- biaxin. Made it to P+16!

May - Same medications. Really starting to get the hang of the anti-inflammatory diet!

June - Ditto April & May.

July - Another NaPro follow-up. Switching Clomid to Femara and post-peak HCG injections to progesterone.

August - First month trying Femara. Second month of progesterone. Still on biaxin.

September - Our first ever BFP!!!!!!!

January - Start training to become a FertilityCare Practitioner.

May - John Paul is born!

June - We move to East TN to live near family.

February - Complete FertilityCare Practitioner training by passing the big test!

April - Our second ever BFP! But this little one's earthly life is short. We gain a saint in Heaven after miscarrying our little Therese Hope at 4 weeks.

May - Our third BFP!!! Baby Schweitz is due in January 2017.

January - Jude is born!

March - Marigold is born!

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