Our Adoption Journey

July - Our adoption journey really begins when we are connected to a birthmother by a friend. Ultimately, she decided to parent, but we are still excited to continue with our home study.

August - Start our home study with Catholic Charities.

September - Meet our adoption case worker for the first time.

October thru December - Keep work, work, working on that pile o' paperwork.

January - Our final visit with our case worker -- the walk through of our apartment. Finish our home study! Approved to adopt!!

February - Start working with our placing agency since Catholic Charities doesn't do adoptions in the Memphis area. Finish our adoption profile! Still a bit more paperwork left to complete (lonnnnng questionnaires) for our new agency.

March - All paperwork complete! Almost ready to be in the waiting pool!

April - Attend a most wonderful adoption/foster conference -- Empowered to Connect. I highly recommend going to one if you can. Just wonderful!! That means our adoption class credits are completed! One step closer. We decide to show our profile to a birthmom due in mid-May, even though we're not officially ready yet. We get our hopes way up, especially since she's only choosing between us and one other family. She chooses the other family and we're devastated.

May - Attended a newborn parenting, required by our agency. Now we're officially OFFICIALLY ready to be waiting.

June - The wait begins.

September - Adoption plans are on hold for a while now, as we just got our first ever BFP! Though we are still very open to adoption in the future. :)


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