Sunday, December 8, 2013

What just happened? (And some free prayers.)

WARNING: This post is mostly just a big glass o' whine.

Let me tell you, I think I have some cycles elves conspiring against me, because I don't think my last cycle could have been any more of a disaster!

It all started around peak time. I have trouble identifying peak these days because a certain type of man-fluid looks exactly like the peak-type stuff and I can't seem to get a clear reading on things. So, much to Dr. G's dismay, I use ovulation prediction kits (OPKs) to determine when I ovulate.

I was low on OPK sticks this cycle, so I knew I had to use sparingly. I thought I got a positive ovulation test, though it was a little hard to read. I just went with it and assumed, because of the ridiculous abundance of peak-type mucus I saw that day, it was probably right. Though, three days later I had some not-so-great, but pretty stretchy mucus a few times and because I had no OPK sticks left, I just decided it probably wasn't peak and I should just ignore it (and chart it as an 8).

So then, when what I thought was Peak+5 came around, I went and got my blood drawn. And again on Peak+8 (because Peak+7 Thanksgiving) and again on Peak+9. Just as the doctor ordered. But this time around, the guy who drew my blood was new and forgot to label my vials. So by the time I was ready to pick up my blood to ship it off, it was too late and we couldn't tell which vial was drawn on which day.

I figured that Dr. G could still use the samples, so I sent them off on dry ice like I was supposed to. I used FedEx Ground like I did last time because that got them to Dr. G's office overnight, which is what needs to happen in order for the blood to stay frozen and fresh. But, dummy me didn't realize holiday season = busy FedEx = package will take two days to deliver instead of one. Doy. I should have just paid a little more to have them shipped guaranteed overnight.

So the blood arrived warm. The dry ice had evaporated. And normally the lab won't even run the tests if the blood isn't fresh. But Dr. G convinced them to.

I arrived for my monthly follow-up appointment with Dr. G just in time to find out that of the three vials of blood sent to the lab, only one came back with results. And as far as I can tell, my progesterone was still normal and my estrogen was still low.

At this point, I was already 1 day late for my period, though I wasn't letting myself get too excited, because I was starting to second guess the day I had identified as peak. Dr. G offered to do a serum pregnancy test, but I quickly protested. And he agreed that that was probably ok because the numbers from the blood draw were not really indicative of pregnancy anyway.

Then he pointed at my overabundance of awesome 10KL (peak-type mucus) right around peak time, which made him say, "This is great because now we don't have to worry about Clomid messing with your mucus. It looks perfect." Which bummed me out because, like I said, I'm pretty sure I actually peaked 3 days later, on a day that did not have great mucus at all. And I tried to tell him this, but he was pretty convinced that I identified peak correctly. Sigh.

He said he'd like to start me on HCG injections on Peak+3, +5, +7, and +9 for this next cycle. It sounded good to me! Except, on the ride home, I got a call from the lab that sends the HCG and their machine that makes the HCG broke. It's fixed now, but they can't send out any HCG until it's tested and approved, which takes 3 weeks. Which means we'll be cutting it oh-so-close to when I'll actually be needing it. AND we may not even been in town by the time it arrives, right before Christmas. Which means we might not even get to use it this cycle.

And then my period still took two more days to arrive, which of course got me all too hopeful, even when I knew it shouldn't have. Because I had every sign under the sun that I wasn't pregnant. But still, when you've never had a late period before and then all of a sudden it's 3 days late, you get hopeful. Even if you are mostly sure that you misidentified peak.

Bah humbug!

So, to summarize:

  • Hard to read OPK that made me think I ovulated.
  • Ran out of OPKs when I wanted to test again.
  • Misidentified peak because of silly OPKs and silly boy-fluid.
  • Blood did not get labeled properly.
  • Blood did not get shipped properly.
  • Blood did not even get drawn on the right days because I misidentified peak.
  • Only one of three vials of blood got results.
  • Dr. G is convinced my mucus is good when it's not.
  • HCG machine broke.
  • Period was "late" (but not really) and I let myself get excited about it.

Let's say it again, all together this time: BAH HUMBUG!

I just don't get it. How could that much have gone so wrong in just one cycle?

Hopefully this means all the bad things are behind us and this next cycle will be perfect! Right? 

Also, you may think I'd be pretty down in the dumps about all this, but actually, I was only sad for about 30 minutes. So that's pretty great. I'm just sharing it now because I thought the shear ridiculousness of this past cycle was sure to make some of you laugh. I mean, it's pretty funny, right? That everything just went that wrong? 

Alright. Now that I have all my whining out of the way, I must say, I'm pretty excited to do the HCG injections this cycle (if they arrive in time). I'm hoping it's the magic touch! 


Ok, and now for something totally unrelated, but totally awesome.

I forgot to mention in my last post..

When we attended Mass at a lovely church in Hot Springs, the celebrant, who was a visiting Benedictine monk, asked us all to go to his Abbey's website and send the monks our prayer intentions. They pray 5 times a day and, if you send your prayers to them through their website or by calling, they'll pray for you and your needs by name at their services. How nice is that? John and I have already sent our intentions in, and I hope you will too! 'Cause what's better than a whole bunch of really holy guys sending up prayers for you? :)


  1. Ugh - I've had cycles like that. So so frustrating! Sending lots of prayers your way!

  2. Oh my goodness! That is a lot of craziness!!! Praying this cycle goes off without a hitch!

  3. Wow... I can't believe that all happened at once! ...but at least it did, because it probably would be more frustrating if it were one different thing messing up every cycle for several months in a row.
    ID'ing peak was the most frustrating part for me too... I tried OPKs once but it made me even more stressed and confused so I gave those up. I hope you're able to figure it out soon!

    1. That's very true. Better to have that all happen one cycle than to spread it out over the next six months. Hoping I can get a better handle on ID'ing peak this cycle now that my OPK collection has been replenished. :)

  4. Brutal! I hope the HCG is indeed the magic touch for you! Thanks for sharing the monk's website.

  5. Those cycles are the worst, that is ALOT of things to deal with at once. Seems like you handled it with grace though. I totally understand what you mean about trying to determine mucous when ttc, ahhhhhh. Hope HCG helps, sorry you have to wait to try it.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! If mucus wasn't so darn helpful, I'd be pretty mad at it all the time. And it sounds like the HCG is going to arrive just in time. Yay for this cycle being better than the last!! :)

  6. I've several, everything went wrong cycles! No OPKs, I got sick, he got sick, I was out of town, he kept falling asleep, confusing EWCM...and on and on...this why babies ARE a miracle cause the stars have to be aligned with Jupiter's third sun under the eclipse of a new horizon for some of us to get preggos! Prayers to you! Hugs. :)

    1. They truly are miracles! And I feel like it takes a bout of infertility to realize exactly how miraculous they are. At least there's one positive that comes out of this big mess. Hugs and prayers back!


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