Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Jude, Ten Months

Jude is 10 months old!

Approx. 19 lb. Slowly but surely gaining!

No idea on this one. Last we checked (a month ago) he was 30 inches.

^^Jude dropped his cheerio.

^^Cheerio returned. All is right in the world again.

This boy has become quite the awesome sleeper, praise GOD!

He has his two naps down to a science. Down for nap #1 pretty much exactly 3 hours after he wakes up in the morning. Down for nap #2 pretty much exactly 3 hours after he wakes up from nap #1. Bedtime around 8pm. Sleeps 'til about 6am - 7am. The past few days he's been waking around 4am or 5am, so I feed him and he goes right back to sleep. I think teething pain is the culprit. But other than that, we're good in the sleep department. :) :) :)

Firsts this month
-"All Jude wants for Christmas is his two front teeth . . . " And now he has them! They came through about a week ago and they are cute (and sharp) as ever!
-Stands without holding on to anything for a few seconds.
-Signs "all done" and "water."
-Says "all done" if we say it to him first.
-Gives super slobbery kisses when I ask.
-Waving for real this time.
-Drinks from a straw.
-Eats waaaay more solid food now. He's finally mastered the chew and swallow business.
-Dances to music. The most adorable booty bounce you ever did see.
-Babbles like he's having a conversation with us.
-First plane ride!

The Jujer
Boo Ju Ju

^^Baby's first Thanksgiving!

^^No, big bro, I am NOT interested in you holding me. Kthanx.

Other things to note
-New favorite foods include tempeh, cheerios, chia seed pudding, oranges, and cantaloupe. 

-He's thankfully not really in "put EVERYTHING in mouth" mode anymore, but he still does like a good floor food find. 

-Still obsessed with ALL appliances. Dishwasher, fridge, dryer, lamps . . . We're seriously considering a dishwasher-themed 1st birthday party. Wanna brainstorm with me? ;)

-Jude is finally warming up to the idea of having books read to him. Are we going to have another bookworm in the fam?

-Officially needs his first haircut. Look at those long locks! We were trying to hold off 'til his birthday, but I think we're nearing mullet status. I'll report back on whether we go through with it next month.

-This boy still love to nurse. We're nursing about 6 times a day and I think he still gets most of his calories from breastmilk. Hoping to see that flip this next month: more solid foods, less breastmilk. I love nursing my Jude baby, but I'm also excited to see him explore food more!

-Juji had big travels this past month! We went to Rhode Island for my little brother's wedding during the first week of November. It was such a whirlwind wonderful trip! The boys did great with the traveling, for the most part, and it was such a joy to introduce Jude to my 3 siblings! And extended family too! The rest of the pictures from here on out are from my brother's wedding, all taken by my older brother @ Matt Ferrara Photography. <3

^^Dance floor snoozing.

Happy 10 months, Jude the Dude!

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