Thursday, December 5, 2019

Marigold, Eight Months

Marigold is 8 months old!

19 lb 8 oz. Half a pound gained since last month!

^^No babies were harmed in the snapping of this photo. 

^^She was all smiles the second daddy picked her up.

We finally have a solid sleep schedule! There are still little variations, by 30 minutes to an hour here and there, but overall it's:

7:30am - wake up
10am - first nap, typically 1.5-2 hours
12:30pm - first nap cut-off!
3pm - second nap, typically 1-2 hours
4:30pm - second nap cut-off!
8pm - in her crib for bedtime

And then Little Miss typically sleeps through the night!! She will occasionally wake for a middle-of-the-night or early-morning feeding, but that's only about 1-2x per week. 

Sleep, glorious sleeeeeep! 

-Real crawling!
-Pulling to stand!
-Cruising on furniture!!
-First two teeth!
-Way more hair! Still not sure if she's going to be a red head tho. *shrug*
-Really figuring out how to eat food!
-Picking up and eating every last speck off the floor. GROSS.
-Figured out object permanence! As a result: extra clingy to momma.

^^She never gets any attention. ;)

Margo, Margo Moo, Margs, Margsie, Hairibow Claire

-Marigold is a champ eater. I've never had a kiddo take off so fast on solid foods. She's great at bringing the food to her mouth, moving it around in her mouth, mashing it with her gums, and then 50/50 on swallowing vs. spitting it out. She seems to be getting a ton for an 8-month-old. And she pretty much tries everything we put in front of her. Favorites include cucumber, pear, soft carrots, sweet potato, egg, cheese, avocado, and bread.

-She will soon be moved out into her new bedroom! We're just working on getting blackout curtains hung. I bought the curtain rods and curtains over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, so it should all be up soon. For now, she's still enjoying her time sleeping in her crib in our closet. Our wardrobe is not doing as well, as we can rarely get in there between her naps to put clothes away. So currently it's all unfolded and strewn about the bedroom floor. Don't judge plz. Our life will be back in order soon. Hahahaha jk. But maybe our clothes will be.

-Margs is SO good at pulling to stand, but SO unbalanced once she's up. She has fallen and bonked her head/cheek/chin/you name it more times than I can count. Doesn't matter if we are right next to her because it all happens so fast. Breaks my mama heart every time. Hopefully she gets sturdier on her feet soon!

-I wish I could capture all her noises and post them here to keep forever. She yips and screams and occasionally tries to copy short phrases from us. It's so dang cute! My favorite Margsie noise is when I get her from her crib in the morning or after naps. She yips and squeals and pumps her arms and legs in excitement. Gah! Can't handle all the cute!

-John Paul and Jude have officially warmed up to their sister. They've loved her since day one, but they've also shown us BIG feelings about adding a new family member over the last 1/2 a year, usually coming out sideways as unrelated tantrums and button pushing. But now that's pretty much out of their systems and for the first time they're saying things like, "I like Margo now!" and, "I love having a sister!" :) She's obsessed with them, so it's a good arrangement. Looking forward to many more years of sibbie love. It doesn't get much better than hearing a 4yo and 2yo call their baby sis "MARGS" all day long. Lolz.

Love you, sweet girl! You're pure awesome. <3


  1. My goodness, so sweet! Felix has weirdly been my baby least interested in solids, I think mostly because he just loves nursing so much (maybe it's somewhat a boy-girl thing???). He's slowly getting there. So glad the boys are loving on her now! Sibling love is the absolute sweetest. <3

    1. Isn't it weird when they're not interested much in food? It's like they can't help but yank your plate off the table and mash their fingers into your food, but as soon as you lay food in front of them, they get mad or don't know what to do with it or don't care. Lolz. I was very pleased when Margo "got it" so quickly, because I was assuming is was going to take months again. Not so. Her diapers transitioned verrrrry quickly. :P

      Sibby love is really the best!

  2. Goodness she's growing fast! Love the pics, especially the boys in matching clothes. And someone's a daddy's girl, I bet. :o)

    1. Thanks you so much! <3 And YES, a TOTAL Daddy's girl. Warms my heart. :)


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