Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Jude, Two Months

Jude is two months old!

12 1/2 pounds. Can you see those leg rolls starting to beef up? 

24 inches, which is 86th percentile!

Meh. Jude gave us an 8 hour stretch once. But since then his overnight sleep has been more like 4-6 hours, then wake up to feed for an hour, then 2-3 more sleep hours and then up for the day. We're a little bit sleep deprived over here you could say. :P 

He's still sleeping swaddled in a bedside bassinet. We started using a humidifier at bedtime because he was having maj booger issues. Boogers so big he could hardly breathe and therefore wasn't sleeping well. That's cleared up a bit, thankfully. And we sleep with a Dohm sound machine. Glorious white noise!

As far as naps, Jude's still really good at that. He'll take a morning nap on his tummy in the pack n' play we have set up in the kitchen. I keep a really good eye on him and he sleeps like a rock. Second morning nap is usually while being worn in a carrier of some sort: the Wildbird ring sling or Boba wrap. Afternoon nap is at the same time as John Paul, around 1pm, and swaddled in his bassinet. I either try to nap at that time too or shower. (You know you're sleep deprived when you choose nap over shower 3 days in a row.) And then Jude will usually take one or two evening naps, either worn again or in someone's arms. Whew! I love how much this boy loves sleep! 

Firsts this month
-Huge gummy social smiles all the time, especially when he's just eaten or woken up from a nap
-Cooing, and it's freakin' adorable
-More and more head control
-Turning his head to the sound of my voice, or John's, or John Paul's
-Sucking on his hand (when it happens to find its way to his mouth)
-Rolling halfway onto his side

Darlin', kiddo, baby Juuuuude, and since he coos so cutely: my little coo-berry

Other things to note
-John went back to work this past month which I was dreading for a while. But my mom visited (from Rhode Island) and helped out during his whole first week back, and it was amazingggg. She helped me gain confidence in managing two boys during the day on my own by allowing me to practice things like shopping and cooking and laundry. Let's be real though. She basically spoiled us by doing all those things for us the whole time she was here. She also played with John Paul continuously. And Jude took to her quite well too. Thanks for the visit and all the help, Mom! 

-Our first outing with just me and the two boys was Sensory Play Day at the library! John Paul ran around playing with a bunch of different sensory stations and Jude napped the whole time in the Boba wrap. I asked the librarians to help me keep an eye on John Paul, just to be sure he didn't make a run for it while I had Jude attached to me, but I didn't even end up needing the help. It couldn't have gone any better! And it helped me build enough confidence to feel comfortable going on several other outings since: grocery shopping, Target, open gym time at a local gymnasium, and walks around the neighborhood. 

-After losing lots of top-of-the-head hair last month, Jude's hair is quickly growing back! Phewww! Just in time for him to start losing a patch of hair on the back of his head from where he sleeps on it. Ha. Oh wellll!

-He's great at kicking his feet in excitement and pumping his little arms around. I happened to capture  this great arm wiggle during this month's photoshoot and it looks like he's blessing you or something. Is there a saint that is pictured holding up his hand like this? I can vaguely picture it but can't figure out who it is. Let me know because I think it'd be really cute to do a side-by-side with this pic and the saint.

-We're easing into the world of cloth diapering two babies at the same time. We're trying out John Paul's Sunbaby cloth diapers on Jude to be sure we like the fit for him. I'd say Jude is in cloth about 10% of the time now. Let's see if we can up that to 50% by next month.

-If we're not careful, this little hunky chunk will overeat and then SPEW all the overeatenness everywhere. One second he's peacefully nursing and then the next . . .  MILK MESS EVERYWHERE. He's dosed so many of my outfits and our bed and our couches and the floor doing this. We've since learned when to cut him off before this happens but yikes! It was kinda puke-crazy for a week there. 

-This kiddo is generally just really calm. The only things that get him upset are 1.) being hungry, 2.) being overtired, 3.) being put down when he's hungry or overtired, and 4.) being away from mom for too long. Otherwise, he's cool as a cucumber. He even let me set him down once under his toy gym to play for 45 minutes without a fuss! 

-And John Paul continues to be smitten with his brother. He asks to, "Hold it! Hold it!" all the time. I remind him gently that his brother is not an "it," but he's yet to catch my drift. He likes to help change Jude's diaper and sit by me during feedings (or destruct things around the house, depending on his toddler mood), and overall be involved in pretty much whatever Jude thing I'm doing. But it's not all happy feelings for his brother. For the first time he yelled at him: "NO, JUDE!" when Jude was crying in the car and John Paul wasn't having it. He even gave Jude the hand. Ha. I think once Jude is a bit more interactive, John Paul is going to lovvvvvve having him around. Built in playmate forever? Check!


  1. All the facial expressions! What a handsome set of boys. :) Three cheers for grandma time.

    And...I found this. You're welcome. :)

  2. I think a nap never of saints are pictured similarly in icons.
    Love your photos!!
    And yes- now that Zelie is more interactive it's *so fun* watching them together! Maria can just start talking and zelie will giggle! Maria has recently started to play peek a boo with her, and she will hand her toys when Zelie drops them :-)

  3. Maybe it's a second baby thing, Cora did that overeat-then-vomit-an-entire-feeding thing so much around 1-2 months old! And Kate *never* did that. She's since grown out of it (thank goodness) and eats way more at a time but now I'm still nervous she'll spew...the having to change out of an entire outfit down to undies has me scarred for life.

    Also all the mom praise hands for concurrent naps. They are lifesavers.

  4. What a little love bug. Glad you're getting the hang of doing things with both boys! That's the hardest part.

  5. Haha! I don't know why, but the desire to "hold it!" just cracks me up. They are both absolutely adorable.

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