Saturday, March 11, 2017

Jude, One Month

Jude is one month old!

I've decided to document all the details of Jude's first year, month-by-month, here on this ol' blog. I actually regret not doing this during John Paul's first year, so no regrets this time. I did document some details of each month of John Paul's first year on facebook and Instagram, but looking back now, I want MORE. More detail, more cute pictures, more memories. So here we go . . .

Jude was 7 lb 8 oz at birth and was pretty much exactly 10 lb on the day he turned one month. He only lost a few ounces after birth and was back to birth weight by a few days old. Yay for lots of weight gain! Double YAY for a good nurser!!

He was 20 inches at birth and then 21.75 inches at his two-week appointment. We haven't measured since.

Jude was suuuuper sleepy his first few weeks home. It was pretty adorable/amazing. Lots of naps were had by all. For overnight sleep, he's given us like two 6-hour stretches on two separate occasions. But that glorious length of sleep is pretty hard to come by still. At night, it's more like 3-4 hours of sleep, then awake for an hour, then 1-2 more hours of sleep, and then he's up for the day at 5am or 6am. Eek! This spoiled mama was used to her 21-month-old sleeping in 'til 7am or 8am, so that has been a rude awakening, pun intended. And daytime naps are mostly in someone's arms or the Boba carrier. Except when John Paul naps at 1pm each day -- we put Jude down in his bassinet for a nap around the same time and the whole household naps. Good times.

Firsts this month
-The occasional social smile, so long as his tummy is full and we're talking to him in a high-pitched happy voice
-Eye contact
-Tracking things that are moving
-Trying out his big brother's cloth diapers occasionally

He's gained so many nicknames already, but the most popular by far is Jude Bug.

Other things to note
-Jude was baptized this month, on February 27, at exactly 4 weeks old. We squeezed it in right before Lent, since our parish doesn't allow baptisms during Lent. It was on a Monday night and was super small -- only Godparents, grandparents, and one aunt, uncle, and cousin. But it was peaceful and lovely. Welcome to the Church, baby Jude!

-By 3-weeks-old, Jude lost most of the hair on the top of his head. Not the back, though, so he's totally monkin' it. It's half adorable and half makes me so sad, mostly because I was so braggy about how much hair he had at birth. Oh welllll!

-Our sweet boy has been mistaken for a girl several times in the past month. And this is after people learn his name. I never even considered Jude Francis as a gender neutral name. I mean, I know Francis/Frances can go either way. But Jude? Color me surprised!

-At 3.5 weeks old, Jude has his lip tie and tongue tie lasered. We had him evaluated by a dentist who regularly evaluates and lasers ties, and right away she said, "Yep, class 4 lip tie, class 1 tongue tie." So there you have it. The reason for all our breastfeeding pain. Just like John Paul. Within a few days of the procedure, I was able to reduce my pumping from 50% of the time to none at all! And my pain is nearly gone now. Praise God!

-Jude went on his first trip this past month. We took him to Asheville, NC, about an hour from us, with my parents and John Paul, and since he was still in the sleepy newborn phase, he mostly slept through the whole thing. A fun, easy outing!

-John Paul absolutely adores baby Jude. He likes to help by bringing him toys or offering him a sip of his smoothie. Ha! He also loves to give him kisses, and lie down on the floor next to him, and basically talk about him non-stop. John Paul is still adjusting, for sure. We've seen a huge increase in tantrums since baby Jude arrived. And there are moments where he just begs for his mommy, we're assuming because I've mostly been tending to Jude all day long and he realizes this and wants my attention badly. But lots of hugs and love and validating of feelings has helped immensely.

-Aside from his first bath, where he screamed bloody murder the entire time, now baby Jude is actually pretty content being bathed!

-Our little dude has reflux. Womp womp. Sleeping flat on his back means SO MUCH PUKING, so we've had him sleeping in the Rock n' Play on an incline. It's helped a bunch. But just recently we decided to transition him back into his bassinet, only we've got it on an incline now by stuffing magazines and towels under the mattress. It was recommended by his pediatrician and it seems safer than the Rock n' Play, so we're happy with the switch. As is Jude. :)


  1. Seems like a pretty eventful one month! :)

    Glad the lip/tongue issues have been resolved. Love the picture of the boys on the floor together. So cute!

    1. It *was* an eventful month! And in other ways, it was really wonderfully boring. Lots of laying around, nursing a newborn, napping, relaxing. All that good stuff. :)

  2. What a cutie! Glad your pain breastfeeding has gone down, that can be a serious mood-changer. The first few weeks with Cora were terrible and I was just down because of it, you know? So nice when it's resolved!

    Also, Kate has had more tantrums since Cora was born too, I was hoping our age gap would somewhat prevent that buuuuut nope. Either that or it's the threenager in her coming out, I'm not sure which one I prefer. :)

    1. Exactly! Feeding issues are emotionally and physically exhausting. Hip hip hooray for having that behind us!

      I hope Kate settles into her new norm soon! I have a feeling it's a combo of turning two and bringing home a new sib for John Paul. Oh toddlerhood. :)

  3. He is so sweet! Reflux stinks- both my kids have had it!


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