Monday, November 3, 2014

Little Happies -- Holidays, Henna, Hot Peppers (and a Little Bit of Fashion Too)

Hello, friends! And welcome back to Little Happies, the link-up in which we share all the little joys of life.

This week's Happies are brought to you by a modge podge of happy!


Pediatricians dress up as Mario characters and win the hearts of all their patients. 

(That's what the headlines would read if this one went viral.)

Above you see my husband and his team of residents dressed up for Halloween. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself. And he said rounds took foreverrrrr because all their patients and patients' families wanted group pics with all of them. How adorable!

But seriously, my husband's Wario mustache cracks me up most of all. 


Remember how I mentioned that Pumpkin Patch fundraiser a few weeks ago?

Well, PRAISE GOD, it's finally done! That means my hours will be shorter again, I won't have to work every stinkin' day of the week, AND I've got a successful fundraiser behind me. The teens raised lots of moolah for our youth group summer mission trip, so I'm super pumped about that. It makes it all worth it. But oof, that was a lonnnng month of work!

Here's what makes this one a Little Happy. We cleaned up the patch and moved out all the extra pumpkins this past weekend. I had a handful of teens show up to help and thank goodness for them! They made the work very easy on me. We also found ways to make the work fun, including moving the pumpkins into a giant pile by bowling them across the grass. And though there aren't goalies in bowling, we also had a teen goalie-ing and blocking the pumpkins / direction poorly bowled pumpkins into the pile. It made me smile. :)



Once a year, Memphis has an India Fest that we just have to go to. All the food, the dancing, artwork, and shops... it's always a fun time. I also splurge a little every year and get a henna tattoo. The artist draws on your skin with a thick lavender-scented paste which dries within 30 minutes. After 6 hours, you remove the dried paste and what remains is a really beautifully designed tattoo that lasts about 2 weeks. I'm definitely not a permanent tattoo kinda gal, so this is perfect for me. Plus, they're always so pretty! I can't help but stare at my hand all the time until it fades. 



Ok, so I know I'm mega-early on this one, but I decided to have a Thanksgiving feast at youth group last night and the teens loved it. Look at all the tasty food! I was in charge of the turkey, so obviously that meant calling up the nearest BBQ joint and ordering several pounds of sliced, smoked turkey. To be honest, I'm not usually a big fan of Thanksgiving turkey, but this smoked turkey was amazing. And easy. Win-win!

The reason for the early celebration was so that I could chat with the teens about making the whole month of November a month of giving thanks. We created little Thanksgiving bags so they could remember to write one thing they're thankful for each day, place it in the bag, and then hopefully include it in their prayers before bed. It's easy to remember to ask for things in prayer, not as easy to remember to thank, especially at that age. So, hopefully the bags will encourage them to offer prayers of thanksgiving more often. 

But if not, at least the food was good. :P


Stitch Fix part 8.

Eek! I can't believe I'm on my 8th fix! 

This time around, they sent me a maternity dress, cowl neck seater, maternity leggings, blue blouse, and heavy cardigan. 

The dress was cute, but already super tight around the chest and hips, so I figured it wasn't a good idea for a woman who's about to get BIGGER all around. Also, you might think that's a baby bump you see, but it's just the stripes on the dress and the ruching of the material that give the illusion of a bump. Still no bump here. 

The oversized cowl neck sweater was almost a keeper, but at the last second (seriously, minutes before sealing the bag of clothes to be sent back) I noticed the bottom of the sweater had an uneven hemline. Can you see it in the pic? Right in the middle of the sweater, the two panels don't match up. Perhaps it's part of the design, but it really bugged me as soon as I noticed it. Sayonara sweater!

The maternity leggings are AWESOME. Super high quality material and plenty of room for a big belly. Kept.

The blue blouse is hard to make out in the pic, but it had ruffles and a criss-cross tie up the front, plus cuffed sleeves, so it totally looked like a pirate shirt. Bummer, because it definitely had potential.

And finally, the heavy cardigan. It was way too big and bulky. Plus, John said it looked like the color puke. 

And that was that! I kept the leggings and am very happy with that decision. :) Also, overall I reeeeally liked this fix. The only thing stopping me from buying more was that things didn't quite fit right. Oh, and that one item had the asymmetric hemline. But I definitely think they have my style figured out now. Wahoo! Next one arrives in mid-December.


These musicians impress me so much. You've gotta watch all the way to the end though. Now that's dedication!

And that's all for this week, folks! Hope you have a happy one. Catch ya next time. :)


  1. Probably the first time anyone ever followed "rounds took foreverrrrr" with "How adorable!" lol

    Too bad about the blue blouse, I thought it looked really cute on you! But I can see your point about the pirate thing.

    As a (former?) flute player... that video really bothers me, because all the wind players are eating and playing at the same time! That's horrible on the instrument! Maybe they all brought their back-up that day or something...

    1. True that on the rounds. Dressing up in cool costumes in the best way to make lonnnng rounds better. :)

      And I totally see how that video would bother you. It worries me too! I would hate for their pepper breath to do damage to the instruments. But I think they completely chewed and swallowed before playing. Does that make it better??

  2. Love the outfits, but if you had to keep ONE thing I definitely think leggings are the way to go. You will be living in them soon! And YAY for a husband who is young at heart, so important!! :)

    1. I've already worn the leggings twice. SO AWESOME!!! I guess that means I'm already living in them. :) And yeah, my husband's pretty great!

  3. I'm very impressed with the quality of the Mario costumes! Very nice! I also absolutely love your early Thanksgiving dinner and the reason for it. I think it's a great way to start this time of year with a good perspective.

    1. I know! Those costumes were awesome!! They all went all out... except for John, who waited 'til the night before and threw the pieces together on a quick trip to Target. He said he felt like a slacker when he went into work on Halloween. Ha! And I'm glad you like the Thanksgiving idea. I hope it works!!

  4. Hubby looks super cute, love it. Sooooooo glad the pumpkin sale is done. Love the henna tatoo, i didnt realize they lasted that long.

    1. Yeah, they last quite a while! Although the fade considerably after the first week. Have you ever had one?


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