Monday, October 20, 2014

Little Happies -- Even More Pumpkins

Why, hello! And welcome back to Little Happies, the link-up full of all the things that are small and joyful in our lives.

Just like last week, I've just got one pumpkin-related Happy for you today.


You may recall from last October that I run a pumpkin patch as a fundraiser with my youth group every year. We spend the whole month trying to sell over a thousand pumpkins. It's always a successful fundraiser, though tons of work. So that's what I've been super busy with lately. 

The Little Happy related to all this happened earlier last week. I was walking around the patch to check out the pumpkins, making sure there weren't any rotten ones hiding about, when I discovered that several of my pumpkins had tried to make a run for it! When I closed the patch the night before, all those pumpkins were safely nestled on a pallet. When I arrived the next morning, about 20 of them were hanging out on the grass!! And all over the patch! I still have no idea how they did it... Perhaps a very strong squirrel was playing a trick on me? Maybe some neighborhood kids? Or maybe it was the Great Pumpkin? 

The world may never know.


Have a happy week, friends!


  1. That is a great mystery! Maybe pumpkins just need to roll around? I am glad your fundraiser is going well, it's such a good idea too!

    1. Thanks, Kat! I can't take any credit since our parish has been doing it for over 15 years! I just sorta stepped right into it, which is the easiest peasiest way to make a fundraiser happen. :) And I think you're right... I think those pumpkins were just going for a little spin. They must get bored sitting on those pallets all day long.

  2. Too funny!!! :) hope its another successful fundraiser.


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