Monday, July 28, 2014

Little Happies -- Nachos and Go-Karts and a New Blog Header (Check It Out!)

Hi, friends! And welcome back to Little Happies... the happiest little link-up on the planet, in which we share all the itty bitty exciting things going on in our lives currently. Now, what could be happier than that?


Earlier this week, we had some dear friends over for dinner. As we all know, little social gatherings are almost always happies. But what made this hang-out session even happier was a NACHO BAR! We each piled tons of personalized yummies on top of our individual pyrex dishes full of tortilla chips and baked to perfection. We may have eaten just a bit too much, but that's what loose fitting pants are for, folks.

Also, that large bowl of salsa you see in the middle of the table is my currently my favorite salsa recipe. Check it out.


Upon returning from work one day, I was greeted by this. Stephi Refreshment Station, or SRS for short.

The husband had some spare time, apparently, and used it to make me these tasty treats. 

Strawberry Moscow Mule and a fresh Caprese salad. Don't mind if I do! 

How thoughtful, husband! Can this be an every day thing, please?

Also, take a look at his handwriting. It isn't as bad or unreadable as you'd expect. Actually, that reminds me of a funny thing...


You're laughing, right?

I wonder what they're so mad about. The world may never know. 


We rode some go-karts! (And John insisted I snap this fun photo while we were waiting to launch.)

I may or may not have also taken a 5-second video while driving. Is it still considered illegal if you're driving a very miniaturized vehicle (powered by a lawn-mower engine, btw) while on your cell phone?

The go-karts were part of our Saturday morning, spent at a golf and game center with my youth group kiddos. It was actually a barrel of fun! Go-karts, mini-golf, arcade games, and laser tag! I felt like a kid again!


Have you seen my blog's new cuteness? 

A HUGE thanks goes out to my friend, Katie, who digitized my calligraphy and then designed the whole banner with flowers thang around it. It's my new favorite thing to stare at!! Eeeee! Do you like?

When we were still trying to figure out which direction to take the new design in (flowers or polka dots?), Katie sent me the above image via email. I figured it'd be fun to share a snippet of the designing phase with you, so there you have it!

Have a beautiful week! Ta ta for now! 


  1. The new header is lovely, well done!

  2. I LOVE THE NEW BANNER! :) :) :) It looks stunning. Great works ladies!

    1. THANK YOU! :) :) :) All the credit goes to Katie!

    2.'s your gorgeous calligraphy!! Also yay it let me comment!

    3. PSHHHHH... it's your gorgeous design!!! Don't make me fight you! :P

  3. Love the new banner! I have to admit that I really like the polka dots as well. Your hap pies always make me hungry. :)

    1. The polka dots ARE super cute! But I guess I'll leave them to blogger polkadot. She totally owned them first. :) And I don't mean to make you hungry! But I suppose my LH always have at least one reference to food. Oops!

  4. I LOVE IT! Very pretty and unique, just like you! :) Ditto on the hungry... now I'm craving nachos, thanks a lot!!!!

    1. Well, then I think you need to make your way to the nearest Mexican food restaurant. :) Pronto! Also, so glad you like the new design! :D

  5. Love your new look!!
    Also, nacho bar... that is an awesome idea!
    My husband totally has the stereotypical bad doctors' handwriting.

    1. Thanks, Katie!! Glad you like the new look. :) The nacho bar was the tastiest, easiest, most customizable dinner for company ever. We loved it. And I think 99% of doctors have bad handwriting. Seriously. The only reason my husband's was legible on that sign he made we b/c he took his time. Ha! But actually, I think now that lots of offices and hospitals are making the switch the electronic medical records, it's possible that doctor handwriting will not be as bad as time goes on. Just a thought! I could be wrong, though. :)

  6. Just a week behind here. . .

    The new banner is great!

    Just curious, what's in the strawberry Moscow mule? The original is bar far my favorite adult beverage, provided it's made right - in a copper cup!

    1. Oh, he just muddled some strawberries on the bottom, threw some honey on top (I like my alcoholic beverages sweet!), and then poured the rest of the ingredients on top of that. We do it with blueberries sometimes too. Mmmm!


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