Monday, July 7, 2014

Little Happies -- Life Hacks

This week's Little Happies is brought to you by life hacks.

Ahh, life hacks.

Those little things you can do to make life more pleasant, more easily managed, or just plain more awesome. I came up with five that bring joy to my days. Check it...


Another Monroe & Harlow headband.

This week I learned you can, in fact, wear headbands around your head like this and, if you do it right, it's considered fashionable! So, take that old headband and turn it into something new by wearing it over your luscious locks. Perhaps, like me, only one of your friends will tell you you look like a pirate.


Everything looks cooler with a mustache.

We drew a mustache on our laundry basket a long while ago. The basket's brand name is "The Hipster" (apparently it's curved to sit more easily on your hip.) I mean, come on! It was just asking, nay, begging for a mustache.

As it turns out, folding laundry is more fun when the the basket looks all gentlemanly and such.

Obviously Ariel approves. 


Don't you just lovvvve foaming soap dispensers?? 

They're my favorite! But not my favorite is the cost of the refill foamy soap. So expensive, and we go through it so quickly.

Enter: my life hack. 

Fill the empty foamy soap container with about 1/2 an inch of the normal, thick and goopy, cheaper refill soap. Then fill the rest of the bottle with water, put on the cap, and shake shake SHAKE (whatcho mamma gave ya). Pump the top a few times and VOILA! It foams!! 

You'll get a ton more refillage action this way. It'll save you dollars, I just know it! 

Now, I can't say for sure that this is an appropriate substitute. It could be that we walk around with half-cleaned hands all the time because the diluted soap we put in our foamy soap dispenser just doesn't have the normal cleaning power. To that I say: don't care. This is my life hack, gosh darn it! I'll do it if I want to. :)


John taught me this one. 

Normally, sorting utensils and putting them away from the dishwasher is a pain in the pah-tooty. BUT, he discovered that if you do the sorting beforehand, or basically, as you load the dishwasher, putting away the utensils becomes much easier. Little forks together over here, big spoons in their own cubby over there, randoms (measure spoons, peelers, etc.) all the way to the right. When it comes time to empty the cleanies, just grab the whole kit 'n caboodle of... say forks, dry a little bit by grazing them with the wash cloth, then throw 'em in the fork section of the drawer. Done. Boom. 

He's proud of this one. I support it. 


Everything is awesooommme!

And now, for my last trick, I present to you:

Price matching at Target.

Yes, folks, it can be done!

I reeeeeally wanted to buy The Lego Movie on my most recent trip to Target but didn't want to shell out the $24 for the bluray, so I did what I normally do and went on to see if I could get it cheaper. Turns out, I could! Only $18 on there. So, I decided to hold off and just order it when I got home. But wait! Something inside inspired me just to ask Target if they'd price match. And wouldn't you know, when I asked, I received!! They price matched! You just gotta make sure the thing you want in store is the exact same thing on That's it! Easy as pie. 

And that, folks, is how it's done!

So, what are your favorite life hacks? Comment below or write a Little Happies Life Hacks post of your own if you have a ton of them. I'm excited!

Have a lovely week!


  1. Hey now! Pirate was a compliment! You looked adorable (obviously).

    And I'm coming over to watch The Lego Movie ASAP.

    1. Obvi it was a compliment. Pirates arrrrrrrrrre cool. (See what I did there?)

      You have an open invite. Let's have a Lego Movie / board game / yummy food date soon!

  2. that idea about sorting the utensils in the dishwasher..instead of when you are putting them away. Hmmm...will give that one a try!

    1. Yes! It's genius!! I hope it makes your days (and dishwasher emptying) tons easier and brighter. :)

  3. These are perfect little happies. Love hearing about these little joys and fun ideas in your life. Good to know about price matching.

    1. Thanks, Mary Beth! I'm so excited about the price matching! It means less waiting for things to arrive from amazon. I'll just go to Target instead and get it there. Another plus? I save the Earth a little by not having to have something packaged and shipped to me. Win! :)

  4. Love the dishwasher idea!! And I don't think you look 'piratey,' if it helps :)

    1. Thank you! That helps a lot, me matey!! :) I hope the dishwasher trick helps you!

  5. I like the mustache idea. Our motto would be, "it's better with googly eyes." My college roommate put a pair of googly eyes on my stapler, and I haven't looked back. :) My siblings have been known to put googly eyes on fruits and vegetables in the fruit bowl. There's a pretty funny SNL skit about googly eyes on plants.

    1. YES! I've seen it. So, so, SO funny! Actually, googly eyes are how this whole Little Happies thing started. My husband put googlies on our olive oil bottle and I didn't discover them 'til weeks later. It made me smile and then I though, "Man, sometimes the little things are great." And thus the link-up was born! Man, googly eyes have a lot of power!

  6. Love the mustache on the laundry basket, it makes me smile. I also sort my silverware that way in the dishwasher, and it really, really helps. I love the headband, but I doubt I'll try that one. I'm always going to have the band slide up a little bit and it gives me bumps in the hair that cannot possibly be considered fashionable by anyone. :)

    1. Yay! We have the same silverware method. Utensil twins! Utwins!? Ok, that doesn' work, but I tried. Also, I won't fault you for not trying the headband thing. It's a bold move. I'm not sure I'm bold enough for it, but I'm going to keep rocking it while I still have the guts to do so. :)

  7. Love this idea. It is so fun to think of the things that are good when IF really stinks...

    Our little happies right now are:

    Drinking out of coconuts every morning
    Our two birds (one mimics everything we do)
    Free Zumba in the parks
    Bars on our windows and an extra for extra safety.
    Good chiropractor here
    Our mini water heater so we can actually have hot showers
    ...and that CR does not have as many bugs as I thought there would be!

    1. I LOVE these!! Please send me some coconuts to drink out of! That sounds fantastic. :) And Zumba! And safety!! And hot water!!!!! Great happies! It brings a huge smile to my face to have you join in on the happy fun. :D

  8. These are ingenious!! Now I want to look around our apartment to see what needs a mustache...

    Sadly enough, I can't think of even one life hack to share! I'll have to brainstorm...

    1. Easy! Everything needs a mustache! :P

      No worries if you can't think of any to share. But if any come to mind in the future, I'd be happy to hear them. :)


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