Monday, March 24, 2014

Little Happies -- John's Turn

Have I got TWO special treats for you today!

First, I decided it was worth it to pay for the link-up to include your thumbnails. Especially since there were so many of you linked up last time and I just really wanted to see little pics of your adorable blogs with your link-ups. So I just did it. Less than $2 a month for something that makes me happy? Worth it. :)

Second, my dear husband, John, has spent the last week focusing on his Little Happies, and with a little bit of encouragement from me, he's agreed to post them on this here blog!! Today!! Since he's never written a blog post before, I hope you'll be extra nice to him. And I hope you enjoy!

Heeeeeeeeerrrreeee's Johnny...


I'm pretty sure Walt Whitman wrote a poem about bacon.

Well, let's do the easy one first.  Bacon.  Bacon is definitely a little happy, especially when it's fancified, thick-cut, cracked pepper bacon that you may have accidentally put on a tortilla with a fried egg and sriracha.  Why is bacon so awesome? We may never know.

Watching Doctor Who with my wife.

When she looks away from the TV the
characters get sad.

This may not exactly be the best picture of the Doctor and company, but they'll probably forgive me for posting it.  Anyway, our preferred mode of relaxation these days is joining the Doctor on his adventures.  Also, those are sunglasses; sunglasses are cool.  Speaking of glasses...

When your wife wears your glasses.

She thinks that if she looks closely enough, she can see
how mischievous you've been.  But she caaaaan't.

Alas, she is cursed with perfect vision and doesn't wear glasses unless she has stolen them from off my face.  Makes it all the more special when she does it, I suppose.  She does look awfully cute with glasses.

Gorgeous sunrises.

That truck can't handle the beauty, so he's stopping.

This, I believe, was snapped while driving in to work, and hardly captures the colors appropriately. Should I have been taking photos while driving?  Probably not.  Don't tell my wife.

This chocolate-covered Oreo.

I wish you could taste this picture.

It was glorious.  A Gloreo.

Growing your hair out.

Look at how much work it is to grow your hair out
Look at how much work it is to grow your hair out.

Because I've had short hair all my life.  It's ponytail time.  In like 3 months (right? soon? please grow faster?).  Even if the children of some friends tell you that that makes you a girl (which actually happened - the pink shirt I was wearing at that time was the second bit of supporting evidence for that hypothesis, I was told). #longhairdontcare

Wondering what a "Little Happy" is? No need to fear! Click right here. And if you'd like to share some Little Happies of your own, we'd love to have you join our link-up. Thanks for reading along! 


  1. This is hilarious!! Thank you John for a *very* happy start to my Monday morning =) And I don't think you look like a girl. Could be the facial hair...? =)

  2. Thanks for doing the little happies this week John ! My husband would have bacon up there at # 1 with you also.

  3. Bacon!!! Just this weekend we made bacon-cheddar bread. It was amaaaazing, as is everything with bacon. And the gloreo! Loved it and felt like I could taste it...minus the fact that I am gluten intolerant so it would actually hurt me to eat it.Thanks for posting your little happies - glad to have you join in the fun!

    1. Is this bacon-cheddar bread gf?!?! You MUST share your magic recipe!

  4. I'm not sure if bacon qualifies as a "little" happy because where would we be without bacon? Nowhere good, that's for sure. Mmm, I have some applewood smoked bacon that would probably be perfect tonight. With what? Who knows, doesn't matter. It's bacon, it'll be good. Great list, and that sunset is gorgeous, even if pics never truly do them justice!

  5. Mmmm bacon. I totally steal my DH glasses too because I think it would be cool to wear glasses! My DH had long hair off and on for a long time. He even had a samurai type style for a little while. He cut his hair about a year and a half ago. So be proud to sport the long hair! Thanks for sharing your little happies this week John!

  6. Thanks for sharing. Love all your little happies. My hubby would agree about bacon.


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