Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Sneak Peek at Our (Probably) Future House

So far, everything has been smooth sailing with the house we're trying to purchase.

Home inspection . . . CHECK!
Termite inspection . . . CHECK!
Radon inspection . . . CHECK!
Appraisal . . . CHECK!

And all passed with flying colors. Whew! Much easier than last time around. I think we might actually be buying a house FOR REALZ. 

If everything continues to go as planned, we'll closing in a few short weeks. Holy taco!

For all the curious out there, here are some (unfortunately low-res) pics of the (hopefully) new digs . . . 

The main entrance has these great high ceilings. And you can sneak peek up to the second floor there.

The kitchen is perfectly functional and wonderfully spacious! We'll probably update it eventually since it's a little stuck in the early 2000s, but for now, it's perfect. On the back wall not pictured, there are even more cupboards, another counter-top area great for serving meals for parties or perhaps setting up as a mini kitchen office. And of course, the fridge is hanging out on that wall too. Plus a small pantry.

Then we have this MASSIVE eat-in kitchen area. It's really lonngggg so we're thinking of just making that our formal dining area as well and getting a really long, fancy, hunk of wood dining table for entertaining.

The triple doors lead to the sunroom, pictured later.

Here's the formal dining room, right off the kitchen, which you can see if you peek through that doorway. Since we have ALL THE DINING SPACE in the world between the kitchen and the sunroom, we're thinking of making this a first floor play room for babies. What would you do with a spare, not-enclosed room like this?

 The sunroom! Complete with mountain views. *hearts for eyes*

The media room is right off the eat-in kitchen area. Loving the built-ins and fireplace AND projector with screen that the sellers are totally leaving behind for us. WINNING. Tell me this, though. Why have hardwood throughout the whole kitchen area and then TILE in this room?! Ummm.

And the backyard! Which is actually tiny-ish. But perfect because who wants to do yard work anyway?

Behind the fence is all land owned by the Church, including an awesome walking path that leads straight to our Church's front doors. YAS!

The bedrooms are just . . . bedrooms. Which are kind of boring to look at. So I'm skipping those pics. Imagine nicely-sized rectangular rooms, each with a closet. And there you have it. There are 4 of them. Two of them have a bathroom attached (fancy), the master has a MASSIVE closet plus a jetted tub in the attached bathroom (LUXURY), and the other two bedrooms share a hallway bathroom. Good stuff.

There's also a small laundry room off the kitchen, a formal sitting room that we'll probably use as an office area (because who formally sits anymore?), and a garage.

And there you have it!

Hopefully in a few weeks, I'll be able to say this is OURS!! Expect updated pics once we're all moved in and settled. But until then, prayers are very much appreciated for continued smooth sailing. What a roller coaster.


  1. Looks great! A perfect house for your growing family!! I do not think you would regret having a playroom off the kitchen. At all. We have never used our dining room as anything but a playroom. And our house is half the size of your soon to be home! Prayers everything continues to go smoothly.

    1. Whew! Glad to hear you like using the dining room as a play room. :) Thank you for the prayers!!

  2. That house is seriously sooooo cute! And those views, wow!

    I would totally turn your formal dining into a kiddo play room. With a comfy ottoman or loveseat so mama has a place to sit or lay down & watch them go crazy? Or nurse baby #2? (That's my new requirement for places where Kate plays: must have space for me to lay down with her or I'm not about it.) And maybe when kids are older it can be homework or music room all combined? So many options with all that space!

    1. GENIUS idea! I ran it by John and he immediately agreed. I guess it's time to look for another couch. I'll make sure it's extra comfy, because mama LOVES to sit. :)

  3. Love the wood floors! Though we, too, have a large eat in kitchen, we do still have our formal dining room as a dining room. It's great when we host Husbandido's family (there's enough room for everyone to eat at the same time), and if we have game night, one table is for food and the other for playing. Then again, we also have no children.

    One thing just to be aware of with jetted tubs, when the plastic of the jets ages, it can crack and leak. That's how we ended up with the leak in our kitchen ceiling and remodeling the bathroom.

    1. Good thoughts! We should test out how we like having our two dining spaces (in the kitchen and the sunroom) for a little while and then make a decision on how to use the formal dining room after a few months.

      Also, didn't know that about jetted tubs. Eek! Sounds like quite a mess. Thanks for the warning! How can you check for cracks??

  4. Beautiful!
    I would totally be planning out that dining room as a homeschool room ;-)

    1. LOVELY! Perhaps something to look forward to in the future. :) But then again, we'll have a Catholic school a block away. Hmmmmm. :P

  5. It looks lovely! Hoping it all continues to go smoothly for you!


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