Friday, September 11, 2015

Quick Takes


I am currently obsessed with homemade cold brew iced coffee. I blame Kat

It's super easy to make and oh-so-delicious. I like to mix in 2% milk with 1 tsp of Stevia and 2 pumps of syrup (currently using Irish Creme syrup). Oh my word.

Extra points for serving it up in a mason jar.

Yum yum yum yum yum!

To summarize: Yum.


Am I crazy for wanting to brew Kombucha next? 



My husband does not like watermelon. He says it tastes "sickly sweet." WHAT IS THIS?!

FINE. More for me.


John Paul gives me this weird look while he's pooping. He smiles at me like he's only feigning interest in the sport of social smiling, while simultaneously staring daggers into my soul with his big blue eyes, occasionally with a squint. Then: poop.

Hilarious. Every time. 

This recipe --> Jalapeno Popper Chicken Chili

. . . is really really really really really good.


(Also, easy.)

John Paul is 4 months old today. 




We have recently become obsessed with the show Parks and Recreation. Like, obsessed. We watch at least 3 episodes a day and quote it approximately non-stop. We're about halfway through season 6 and I'm already SO SAD there's only one season left. Whhhhhhyyyyy? (That was my best Tom Haverford impersonation, obvi.)

Any recommendations for a similarly awesome show?


  1. We loved parks and rec. It was fun to have a show we both agreed on. Mmmmm the iced coffee looks amazing.

    1. I agree! It's so fun to share shows with my husband. :) You *have* to try to coffee!

  2. Parks and Recreation is the best! No, there are no other shows that will quite compare.

    1. Darn it!! What am I 'spose to do once it ends?? Watch on repeat?

  3. Oh man, Parks & Rec is one of my all-time favorites -- up there with The Office as best comedies ever made. New Girl is good but not as universally and continually funny, plus there are only 3 seasons (on Netflix). We just resort to rewatching and rewatching it over and over again!

    1. Seems like that's going to have to be the plan. I re-watch The Office like that too. SO GOOD. I tried to get into New Girl but just wasn't feeling it. Dare I say it's *too* awkward? I mean, The Office is SUPER awkward, but New Girl is a weird kinda awkward that I just don't understand, methinks. Maybe I'll give it another try though. :) OH! And I have a new season of Dr. Who to watch, so at least there's that!

  4. Replies
    1. YES, girl! Yes I have! Aside from some of the story lines in the last two seasons, GREAT SHOW! *Sigh* Have I already watched all the good ones?


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