Monday, September 29, 2014

Little Happies -- My Cousin's Wedding

Howdy, y'all! And welcome back to Little Happies, the happiest little link-up on the planet, in which we share the happy little things going on in our lives currently.

This week's Little Happies are brought to you by a short trip to Rhode Island to attend my cousin Sarah's wedding.


Sarah asked me to do a reading for their ceremony, so of course I said yes! And come to find out, it was the same first reading we had at our wedding!! It's such a beautiful reading, I couldn't help but share here:

Hark! My lover! Here he comes,
springing across the mountains,
leaping across he hills.
My lover is like a gazelle
or a young stag.
See! He is standing behind our wall,
gazing through the windows,
peering through the lattices.
My lover speaks and says to me,
"Arise, my friend, my beautiful one, and come!
My dove in the clefts of the rock,
in the secret recesses of the cliff,
Let me see your face, let me hear your voice,
For your voice is sweet, and your face is lovely."
My lover belongs to me and I to him,
He says to me,
Set me as a seal upon your heart,
as a seal upon your arm;
For Love is strong as Death,
longing is fierce as Sheol.
Its arrows are arrows of fire, flames of the divine.
Deep waters cannot quench love,
nor rivers weep it away.

Song of Songs 2:8-10, 14, 16a; 8:6-7a

My husband gets teary-eyed whenever he hears it. So sweet.


We got pedicures! My mom, my sister, my niece, and even the little nephew joined in on the fun. Although he was just hanging around. No painted toes for him.

Pedicures are always a fun treat, no? 

My niece got bright pink toes with pink glitter hearts, obviously, and then tried to get the rest of us to add glitter to our toes. It was cute.

And I got this fun color that I totally spied on some random lady's toes as they were finishing her pedi. I had already picked out a color, but that went out the window when I spotted that purpley fun!


My husband is holding the flower girl's bouquet. Your argument is invalid. 


It's fun getting all snazzified for a wedding. Totally rocked that Stitch Fix dress. And my husband always looks dapper in a suit. Dapper, I say! 

That's all for now, folks! Peace and love and a happy week to you all!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Little Happies -- A Photo of Me as a Youngster, Special Emails, and an Application

Well, hello there! And welcome back to Little Happies, the happiest little link-up this side of the universe, where we all share our small joys from the past week. Won't you join us? :)

Before I start, I must mention that while my biggest dream has finally come true, that doesn't mean I have no need for Little Happies anymore. I promise you, that while I'm happy as a clam over our pregnancy, I also still have my daily ups and downs and need to be sure I'm focusing on the little positives often. So, without further ado, here are those little positives from my past week...


My mom sent me a few pics of me as a youngster! She was going through some old files and stumbled upon the pics and I just thought this one was too cute not to share.

I'm on the left, btw. And my sister, Lauren, is on the right.

Look at that bright red hair!! And those extra cheery smiles.

There's just something so fun about looking at pics of peeps as babies. Like, "Awww, look at all that cuteness I used to have!"


I love waking up to three very special emails every morning...

Blessed is She reflections on the daily readings (even though I really do think they based their name off of my blog name... NAME COPIERS),

Novenas from Pray More Novenas,

and a short gospel reading from Gospels in a Year.

I've only started doing all three of these things in the past few months, but it's a great way to start my morning, and I don't even need to leave the comfort of my bed to read them! (Thank you, cell phone.)  I love waking up to all three and enjoy such a positive, prayer- and gospel-centered start to my day.


John applied for the job in Johnson City, TN this past week!!!!! We're still waiting to hear back and that could take a week or two. But even though there's not much to celebrate at this point, just the process of applying is so exciting! We get to daydream now about what life would be like on the other side of TN. And with family only a few miles away! And buying a house! And making new friends! And all the fun things that come with moving! Eeeee!!

Have a blessed and happy week, friends! <3

Saturday, September 20, 2014

In Which I Speculate On Why Pregnancy Finally Happened

Before I dive in, I need to preface by saying while I have some idea of why my last cycle was successful, I do not know the mind of God and therefore, that makes this all speculation. Still, it's fun to speculate. :)

I'll start with a list of what we've done in the past year and a half while working with our NaPro doc...

A hormone profile showed low pre-ovulatory estradiol.
A uterine biopsy showed endometritis (infection).
An ultrasound series showed normal ovulation.
A laparoscopy was performed and a very mild case of endometriosis was excised and tiny uterine polyps were discovered.
A hysterosalpingogram showed clear tubes.
A seminal fluid analysis came back relatively normal.

And the medications I took during the cycle we conceived...

Femara (for low estradiol) on CD3, 4, 5
Biaxin (for infection) CD8 thru peak
Progesterone P+3 thru P+12

Plus, we mustn't forget the Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

So, of all these things, where do I think we finally went right?

Let's just say I've been calling our conception a Femara-cle!! (Get it?)

So yeah, I'm pretty sure it was the Femara that did it. But how can I be so sure?? Well, I can't. BUT! It was our first cycle using Femara!! So either it was just a crazy coincidence OR Femara was our miracle drug. I choose to believe the latter. :)

That's not to say all the other stuff we did was for nothin'. I'm pretty sure every step along the way was important. Clearing out the endometriosis, treating the infection, checking to make sure everything else looked normal... all important! We just had one thing left to do and that was increase the pre-peak estradiol. While I'm not sure at all that Femara did that (I didn't have levels checked that cycle), I'd say it's still a pretty good guess. I was actually on Clomid for 7 cycles before switching to Femara, so it's not like we didn't try to improve the low estradiol situation as soon as possible. I guess Clomid just wasn't doing it for me. But Femara did!!

Now, as for the Anti-Inflammatory Diet... I do think that it can help with conception. In fact, I know it can! My NaPro practitioner struggled with infertility for years, got the whole NaPro work up, went through surgery, tried it all. It wasn't until she started the Anti-Inflamm Diet that she got pregnant. So, I know it can help! BUT, I've got to come clean and say I don't think it did the trick for me.

Why do I say this?

Well, let's just say, while I was totally rocking out on the diet for several months, I totally threw it out the window the cycle we conceived. That cycle started with fried chicken and mac and cheese on CD1, then John's birthday came around and we threw a pizza party where I at tons of pizza AND cake, and then we went on vacation to visit the in-laws and I ate whatever I wanted for that week and a half.

So yeah, I'm sorry I can't be the poster child for the Anti-Inflammatory Diet. But that doesn't mean I don't believe in it anymore. While it didn't do the trick for me, I'm still convinced it can do the trick for the right person.

Along with all this NaPro stuff, there are two other things that I think may have helped...

First, a week and a half of relaxation and fresh mountain air during the end of the cycle. This is by NO MEANS me saying that I just needed to relax to get pregnant. Duh. I hate that line along with the rest of ya. I clearly had medical issues that needed fixing in order for conception to happen. But, I do think that relieving myself of stress during the 2 week wait may have been helpful. And that's exactly what that little trip did. It was all fun and games and quality time with family. Doesn't get more stress-free than that!

And second, I was 6 days into a novena to the Holy Family when we found out we were pregnant. This is by NO MEANS me saying that if you had just prayed that novena with me, you'd be pregnant too. Or that you need to pray more novenas in order to conceive. It was just a beautiful novena in which I asked the Holy Family to intercede for us and bring our desire to become parents (through either conception or adoption) to God, and I was so moved when our prayers were answered! I've continued prayers to the Holy Family ever since, for protection of our little one and a safe pregnancy. It gives me goosebumps to think that the Holy Family is interceding and looking out for us. So amazingly beautiful.

But most obviously, the real reason for all of this is...


Without Him, none of this "perfect cycle" stuff would even have mattered. I praise Him every day for this precious gift He's entrusted us with. I have no idea why He chose this cycle as the one or why He chose US, and I likely never will this side of Heaven, but I am eternally grateful!!

And so, for all those reasons above (and probably a bunch of hidden others), that's why I think my last cycle was the one. Maybe I'm 100% wrong, but those are the best guesses I've got. :)

Friday, September 19, 2014

How We Found Out

A few days before AF was due, I remember turning to my husband and saying, "Listen, this is definitely not the cycle. In fact, it would take a miracle for me to be pregnant right now. All signs point to period, so let's just face it an move on." I never ever say hopeless stuff like that, but I just knew it was going to be easier this time to accept it rather than fight it. And so we did.

Fast forward a few days to P+17. I was about a day or two late for my period but not thinking PREGNANT at all. In fact, I figured it was because I accidentally took an extra day of progesterone. It made sense at the time that that would delay my period by at least a day.

When I started taking progesterone, Dr. G told me to continue it if I got a positive pregnancy test. So, while I was SO convinced I wasn't pregnant, mostly because I had every normal-for-me PMS symptom under the sun, I still went home later that day and took a test, just to be sure I didn't need to restart the progesterone. But honestly, even more so that I could just see it was negative and definitely expect my period the next day.

So you can imagine my SHOCK when, while staring at the test, waiting to see the absence of a second line, instead a super dark second line appeared!!! And almost instantly!! My first thought was, "IS THIS REAL??? CAN THIS BE REAL?! IS THIS REALLY REAL??" And then out came the second test. And it was instantly positive again!! AHHHHH!

I just remember covering my face with my hands and my jaw dropping in disbelief. Then, I ran over to one of our Crucifixes and started thanking our Lord and asking Him, "CAN THIS BE REAL?? IS THIS REAL?!?!"

When I finally somewhat composed myself, my next thought was, I HAVE TO TELL SOMEONE! And obviously, that first someone needed to be my husband. But this was not our plan! I had always thought we'd be together when I took the pregnancy test that turned positive, because in my mind, I always assumed I'd just know I was pregnant and the pregnancy test would just be a confirmation of what my symptoms already obviously told me.

But that's not how this happened at all. I took the test having no out-of-the-ordinary symptoms, thinking I'd just confirm AF was on her way. I didn't think I needed my husband around for it because I just knew it was going to be negative and I didn't want to bring him in to the heartache. But then BAM! It was miraculously positive!!! And my husband was over 20 miles away still wrapping up at work. What was a girl to do?

So I called him! And didn't even ask if he was in private to receive some important news. Nope, I just said something like, "This isn't how I wanted this to happen, but I just took two pregnancy tests and they're both positive." To which he responds, "Ummm, can I call you back in 5 minutes? I'm in a room full of colleagues finishing work for the evening."

Ha!!! The poor thing couldn't even be excited in the most exciting moment of his life because he was surrounded by coworkers. Ooooooops!!

When he called back, I could tell he was THRILLED and also a little confused. He also had the "IS THIS REAL???" thing going on! And then when I said, "Yes, I think it's real!" we both just exuded joy. The moment we had hoped and prayed and longed for was finally here! It certainly didn't happen the way we had thought, but it was SO JOYFUL nonetheless!

Since all the pregnancy tests we had at home were purchased about 2 years ago, right before we started our TTC journey, they were actually expired, so we made a plan for John to pick up another test at the store on his way home, just to be sure this wasn't a fluke! And then he proceeded to distract me over the phone with stories about his day, though honestly, I can't remember a word of what he said because all I could think about was our joyful news!!

When he finally got home, we enjoyed a very happy hug and then marched into the bathroom for me to take test #3... one of those fancy tests that shows a PLUS sign for positive. And wouldn't you know... that was instantly positive too!!!!

We spent the rest of the night glowing and treating ourselves to the best pizza in town. I hardly slept a wink because I was so dang excited and my heart was beating out of my chest!!

It was unexpectedly one of the most amazing days of our lives and no matter what happens, I will FOREVER be grateful for it!

God has truly granted us a miracle. We certainly aren't deserving, but we are OVERJOYED!

Thursday, September 18, 2014


And probably not the news you're expecting. (Because this is not adoption news.)

We really weren't expecting it either!!!




Oh my GOODNESS, I still can't believe those words apply to us!!


I'm a mother!!!! John's a father!!!! And I have a sweet baby growing inside me!!!

I have to be honest, John and I are still both totally shocked!! We were completely caught of guard by a cycle that was NOT looking like pregnancy AT ALL. But then God worked a miracle and HERE WE ARE!

We found out exactly two weeks ago on P+17. I immediately went in for blood work the next morning...

HCG: 2,247
Progesterone: 32

And then three days later...

HCG: 8,035
Progesterone: 31

And then two days after that...

HCG: 13,312

And then two days after that...

We got an ultrasound at 5w4d!! Our little one was actually too little to see, so we only got to peak at the yolk sack, but what a beautiful yolk sack it was! I was worried about a frequent but mild pain on my right side, so Dr. G let me go in for an ultrasound, just to make sure our babe was in the right place. And sure enough, Baby Schweitz is nestled right where he's supposed to be!! Eeeeeeee!

I'm not going to lie. These past two weeks have been the happiest yet scariest two weeks of my life! Anxiety has been sky high because when my mind wanders, it goes to worst possible outcomes, like losing our sweet child.

But we're also on cloud nine!!!!! No matter what, we'll be mom and dad from this moment on!

First family portrait!

Please keep our little one in your prayers!! While we're over the moon excited, we also know we're not out of the woods yet. Not even close! I'm only 6w3d today. And my symptoms come and go, which can be normal, but also, of course, is causing me to worry!

Also, please please please know of my continued prayers for all of you, especially those who may experience sadness upon hearing this news. How I know that pain all too well. Sending so many hugs your way today, sweet friends.

Also also, if you know me in real life, please don't spread the word yet! We'd like to keep this a real life secret for a while still, especially until after we hopefully see/hear the heartbeat at our next ultrasound on Tuesday!

Coming up next... deets on how we found out and why I think this cycle was the one!

Eeeeeeeeeeee!! :D :D :D

Monday, September 15, 2014

Little Happies -- a Quiz, a Salad, and a Painting

Hi, friends! And welcome back to Little Happies, the happiest little link-up on the planet, in which we share all our little happy joys from the past week.

Let's get right into it...


Remember that really weird Who Should Be Your Patron Saint? Quiz I shared a few weeks ago? Yeah, it was pretty dang weird. Well, to make up for it, I've found a MUCH better one.

Which Saint are You? Quiz

I got the awesome St. Augustine this time! Ahh! Much better!

Now you take it! And tell me who you get. :)


I love it when my husband makes my lunch for me. It takes about 15 minutes off my getting-ready-for-work routine and it always tastes great!

This past week, he sent me off to work with this fancy chopped salad in a ginormous, heavy salad bowl. Ha! He's not really into tupperware as it turns out. But still! A great salad it was.

Not to mention, the iced pumpkin coffee was a lovely addition!


I went to a paint night with some gal pals this past weekend and painted the Memphis skyline. It was a blast spending the evening with some good friends being all artsy fartsy. The instructor was fantastic and made painting super easy for us. A great way to spend a Saturday night. And now I have some wall art for our apartment! Win win!

That's all for now, friends! What are your Little Happies from the past week? I'd love to hear! And hope you're all well. :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Home, Sweet Home

It's time for a vacation recap!

Just a few weeks ago, we had the most fantastic, adventure-filled vacation with our in-laws in Johnson City, TN. I wrote a little about it here, but wanted to make sure I cover all the glorious details in it's own special post. 

The trip began late on a Friday night. We drove 3 hours into Nashville and stayed the night at a room we booked on airbnb. 

We woke early the next morning and made our way into Johnson City just after lunch time. We relaxed a fair bit and then the in-laws took us to hear some music by the lake. 

The next day, it was Mass, Indian food buffet, and mountain "climbing", in that order. I put "climbing" in quoties because we let the car do most of the work. Our little hike to the top only lasted about 5 minutes. And then we had this view.

After chilling on some rocks, chatting with my sis-in-law and bro-in-law for a while, we started the lonnnnng, arduous hike down to our car. 

Kidding! It was easy peasy! And the views from the car while driving back down were gorgeous. Also, my sis- and bro-in-law's Prius got well over 100mpg on the way back down. Weeeee!

The following afternoon, which was Monday, we had the most delicious lunch at Tupelo Honey Cafe. Seriously, if you're ever in Johnson City, Knoxville, Asheville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Chattanooga, or Greensville (yes, I just looked up all their locations on their website), you MUST try it out! It's fancified southern food and it's fantastic. Mmmmm!

After resting our stomachs a bit, we met my sis- and bro-in-law for another outdoor adventure: paddle boarding! I'd never done it before, but they were excited about it and said it wasn't to hard, so we went for it. It looks exactly like this...


But that's not us. We didn't bring our phones out on the water with us, so no pics were taken. Still, it was a bunch of fun. You start off sitting, slowly work your way to standing, and paddle around the lake for an hour or so. Good stuff! And so peaceful!

The next morn, we woke fairly early and headed to Virginia for a day of country music. First stop: the newly opened Birthplace of Country Music Museum, where we learned about the famous Bristol Sessions and got to listen to lots of fun, old country music. There was even a recording booth where we got to try our hand (errr, voice?) at the tunes! 

And following that, we headed to The Barter (a performing arts center) for Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash. The actors were so spot-on and the music was fantastic!

Oops, blurry.

And after the show, we ended our little day trip to Virginia with a stop at Heartwood, an "artisan gateway" according to their website. It was mostly just lots of artsy stuff for purchase. We enjoyed posing in front of their sign out front...

We spent Wednesday afternoon at a small water park just one town over from Johnson City, the Kingsport Aquatic Center. We floated the lazy river for hours and jumped on the two big slides. It was a blast! I felt like a kid again and it was lovely.

Later that evening, we went to trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings and WON! Holy moley! To be honest, I only knew the answer to one question. ONE! Oops. I am most definitely NOT the best at trivia. But my father-in-law, sis- and bro-in-law, and husband are all pros as it turns out. We won a $50 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings and it mostly covered all the snacks and beers we'd ordered. Wahoo!!!

The next day was a big one for my Johnny! He went in for an unofficial interview at the Children's Hospital there in JC!! While a lot of details are still up in the air, we're very excited at the possibility of moving closer to his family. More to come on that!

In the afternoon, we headed one town over to Jonesborough, TN to hear some live story telling at the International Storytelling Center. If you EVER get the chance to hear live, professional storytelling, please do go! It seems like it's a dying art form, but it most certainly should not be. So moving, so interesting, so entertaining! We heard stories from the very southern Michael Reno Harrell. Check out his site if you'd like to hear a sample of his very enjoyable storytelling.

That evening was also entertaining because... we did another Schopped competition!!! It was John vs. Me. Eeeek! The marriage being put to the test! The secret ingredients totally threw me for a loop: black eyed peas, mango, hot sauce, and cashews. Yikes! What would you have made with that??

Here's what we came up with...

John made black eyed pea sliders with a mango slaw.

And I made buffalo black eyed pea pinwheels. 

Still can't tell you who won, though. You'll have to wait for the video to find out! John's still working on it, so it may be a while, but it'll be worth it, promise. :) 

The next day we spent in Asheville, NC with my father-in-law. Oh my goodness, Asheville is a GREAT place for adventuring. There's SO so much to do and eat and see there. 

We started at White Duck Taco Shop for lunch. BEST TACOS OF MY LIFE!!! Killer salsas and margaritas too!!

Then we wandered for a bit because there were so many shops to take in!! We went into a massive shoe store, a men's clothing store (my husband like clothes shopping way more than any girl I've ever met), and then discovered the most amazing tea shop!!

DobrĂ¡ Tea.

I ordered this delicious treat...

And then taught my father-in-law how to take a selfie.

He LOVED his tea that looked like a beer.

We relaxed there for quite a while, then headed into the River Arts District part of town, where there are studios upon studios all open to the public. We looked at tons of great art, some weird art too, and purchased a neat little game called Zip It (from the makers of Bananagrams).

Our last stop in Asheville was at Urban Orchard Cider Co., recommended to us by the man we purchased Zip It from! I'm really not much of a beer drinker, but cider I can get behind!

Pretty, pretty cider! And, though we hardly had room in our happy tummies, we couldn't pass up their cheese platter...

Cider + cheese platter + Zip It = a lovely way to wrap up a lovely outing.

We returned home to this little monster...

He honestly turned into my best bud by the end of the week. I definitely wasn't a dog person going into the trip. (Not because they're not cute, I just didn't grow up around them.) But by the time we left, I was sad to say bye to my furry friend. Go figure!

I was also sad to say goodbye to these beautiful views!

UGH, MEMPHIS! Why are you so FLAT?! Mountains are way prettier!

After our day in Asheville, we had one last day with the fam and spent most of our time hanging out. My mother- and sis-in-law hosted a bridal shower at the house while John, my father- and bro-in-law, and myself went out for Thai food (mmmmm!) and played Dominion.

We went to Mass later that evening as a family and then enjoyed the rest of our time together by relaxing the night away.

So yeah, it was a most wonderful vacation! Can't you tell? :) And we're so so so excited to possibly be moving there within the next year. Only time will tell! John still has to officially interview at the Children's Hospital there and be offered the job. But I'm thinking our chances are pretty good! Eeeeee! And that's why I titled this post "Home, Sweet Home." Because chances are, those pretty mountains will be our home someday, and soon!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Little Happies -- Long Hair, Don't Care

Hey, friends! And welcome back to the happiest little link-up on the internet, in which we all share the joyful little things going on in our lives. Won't you join in?

Let's get right into it...


I got some hairs cut! Took off about 5 inches and instantly felt 10 pounds lighter. It's been two years since a big chop like this and it was time. Isn't it fun to sport a new do? 


This guy continues to crack me up.

See what's on his wrist there? Yep. It's a hair tie. And not just any tie. No, this long haired man-diva much prefers those knotted hair ties. In fact, we were shopping around J. Crew the other day and I overheard him asking the sales person if they sold any "masculine-colored fancy hair ties." Ha!! I laughed so hard inside. 

He's also starting to learn some long hair lessons:

Pulling back your hair too tight can give you a headache.

Rubber bands DO NOT work well as hair ties.

Shedding will happen A LOT.

You can be pretty dramatic with a good hair swoosh. 

Product helps a bunch. (Seriously, he uses more product than I do.)

And if you take off your rubber gloves in a hurry, you risk accidentally throwing away your beloved hair tie. Let's just say I've lost many a hair tie from my collection because of his rubber glove issues. 

Men with long hair are comical!


Annnnnd I got another Stitch Fix! Can you tell which ONE item I decided to keep? The options are bird shirt, color block dress, blue and white dress, cardigan, or necklace. If you guess right I'll give you a virtual pat on the back! :)

Can't wait to read your Happies, friends! Have a lovely week!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Little Happies -- Happies in a Flash

Top o' the morning to ya. And welcome back to the happiest little link-up on the internet, in which we all share the teeny tiny happy things going on in our lives. Won't you join in on the fun? :)

This week's Happies are brought to you inaflash mostly because we spent about 8-hours on the road last night returning from a fantastic week and a half vacation with family in East Tennessee and this chica is too tired to elaborate. The trip was nothing short of a-maz-ing, so I'm prob going to write a more detailed trip re-cap post real soon, but for today's post, I'm going to keep all the trip Happies short and quick. Now hold on tight, 'cause away we gooooo!

My Happies are...


Singing "Happy Birthday" and watching the birthday boy blow out all his candles on the first try, followed by enjoying the extremely delicious, though ever-so-slightly more waxified cake. 


Making homemade pizza dough (the birthday boy's party request) and watching it rise! Oh, and who can forget that wonderfully yeasty, doughy smell? Mmmm!


Standing on the peak of a mountain and taking in the beautiful 360 view. 

(I take no credit for the climb. The car did most of the work.)


Extremely geometrical things, like this ceiling and chandelier combo. 


Breaking my diet and EATING ALL THE THINGS, especially these bad boys. You didn't think Oreos could get any better, but then they did. They truly, madly, deeply, totally did. 


I competed against my husband in a cooking competition based on the show Chopped and what you see above is my final dish. Stay tuned for more details on the secret ingredients, what we ended up cooking, and who won, all in the form of a video recap, coming soon to a Blessed to Be blog near you!


Randomly discovering the coolest tea shop ever. 

Yes, even that glass on the far right is tea. Beer-like in look, but definitely not in taste. My father-in-law ordered it because he wanted his tea to be "as manly as possible." His words, not mine. He's a funny one!


Playing the heck out of some board games with the in-laws, including Dominion (above) and King of Tokyo (below).


Hanging out with my furry friend, Cholmondeley (pronounced Chum-lee). He likes long walks, getting you to throw things so he can catch them but then not return them to you, ice cubes, slobbering, and mostly my father-in-law. It's his dog, after all.  


And still following along on your blogs amidst all the family fun. Sorry there hasn't been much commentage on my part, but I promise I read and enjoyed every last bit of your updates.

Oh, plus...

I'm thankful that this little Catholic community caught my blogging dodo mistake and gently called me out on it. If you read this quote in my Little Happies last week and believed me when I said C. S. Lewis was Catholic, I apologize. I was misinformed and am now saying a big OOPS for creating another internet lie. OOPS. As it turns out, he was about as close to Catholic as it gets, but never quite got there. There are some rumors floating around that claim he did become Catholic right before his death, but rumors they remain. Thanks for being gentle on me, friends! 

And now it's your turn! What little blessings have brought you happiness this past week?

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