Friday, September 19, 2014

How We Found Out

A few days before AF was due, I remember turning to my husband and saying, "Listen, this is definitely not the cycle. In fact, it would take a miracle for me to be pregnant right now. All signs point to period, so let's just face it an move on." I never ever say hopeless stuff like that, but I just knew it was going to be easier this time to accept it rather than fight it. And so we did.

Fast forward a few days to P+17. I was about a day or two late for my period but not thinking PREGNANT at all. In fact, I figured it was because I accidentally took an extra day of progesterone. It made sense at the time that that would delay my period by at least a day.

When I started taking progesterone, Dr. G told me to continue it if I got a positive pregnancy test. So, while I was SO convinced I wasn't pregnant, mostly because I had every normal-for-me PMS symptom under the sun, I still went home later that day and took a test, just to be sure I didn't need to restart the progesterone. But honestly, even more so that I could just see it was negative and definitely expect my period the next day.

So you can imagine my SHOCK when, while staring at the test, waiting to see the absence of a second line, instead a super dark second line appeared!!! And almost instantly!! My first thought was, "IS THIS REAL??? CAN THIS BE REAL?! IS THIS REALLY REAL??" And then out came the second test. And it was instantly positive again!! AHHHHH!

I just remember covering my face with my hands and my jaw dropping in disbelief. Then, I ran over to one of our Crucifixes and started thanking our Lord and asking Him, "CAN THIS BE REAL?? IS THIS REAL?!?!"

When I finally somewhat composed myself, my next thought was, I HAVE TO TELL SOMEONE! And obviously, that first someone needed to be my husband. But this was not our plan! I had always thought we'd be together when I took the pregnancy test that turned positive, because in my mind, I always assumed I'd just know I was pregnant and the pregnancy test would just be a confirmation of what my symptoms already obviously told me.

But that's not how this happened at all. I took the test having no out-of-the-ordinary symptoms, thinking I'd just confirm AF was on her way. I didn't think I needed my husband around for it because I just knew it was going to be negative and I didn't want to bring him in to the heartache. But then BAM! It was miraculously positive!!! And my husband was over 20 miles away still wrapping up at work. What was a girl to do?

So I called him! And didn't even ask if he was in private to receive some important news. Nope, I just said something like, "This isn't how I wanted this to happen, but I just took two pregnancy tests and they're both positive." To which he responds, "Ummm, can I call you back in 5 minutes? I'm in a room full of colleagues finishing work for the evening."

Ha!!! The poor thing couldn't even be excited in the most exciting moment of his life because he was surrounded by coworkers. Ooooooops!!

When he called back, I could tell he was THRILLED and also a little confused. He also had the "IS THIS REAL???" thing going on! And then when I said, "Yes, I think it's real!" we both just exuded joy. The moment we had hoped and prayed and longed for was finally here! It certainly didn't happen the way we had thought, but it was SO JOYFUL nonetheless!

Since all the pregnancy tests we had at home were purchased about 2 years ago, right before we started our TTC journey, they were actually expired, so we made a plan for John to pick up another test at the store on his way home, just to be sure this wasn't a fluke! And then he proceeded to distract me over the phone with stories about his day, though honestly, I can't remember a word of what he said because all I could think about was our joyful news!!

When he finally got home, we enjoyed a very happy hug and then marched into the bathroom for me to take test #3... one of those fancy tests that shows a PLUS sign for positive. And wouldn't you know... that was instantly positive too!!!!

We spent the rest of the night glowing and treating ourselves to the best pizza in town. I hardly slept a wink because I was so dang excited and my heart was beating out of my chest!!

It was unexpectedly one of the most amazing days of our lives and no matter what happens, I will FOREVER be grateful for it!

God has truly granted us a miracle. We certainly aren't deserving, but we are OVERJOYED!



  2. OMG !!! Soo exciting!!! OMG !!! I rad your post 3 time to make sure it was REAL!!

  3. So exciting! Great story to tell the little one one day…so sweet!!! :)

  4. I grinned ear-to-ear while reading this! Somehow it's perfectly perfect the way you found out and told John. God is so very good! I'm overjoyed for you both!

  5. Ladyyyyy (and John!) congrats!!!!!! We're so excited for you two!!! I had to tell John, but my lips are sealed beyond that :)

  6. Can I just say, it seems so... anticlimactic! "Ummm can I call you back?" lol But you're right, and it will probably forever be one of the most amazing days of your lives :-D

  7. Just getting a chance to catch up. Many congratulations for the unexpected surprise of a lifetime. So happy for you.

  8. Maybe not what you expected, but anyway of finding out something like that is a great way. :)


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