Monday, October 27, 2014

Little Happies -- Candy & Costume

Hey there, friends! And welcome back to Little Happies, the happiest little link-up on the internet. Let's all take a second to share some of the small joyful things going on in our lives, shall we? :)


These candies!

Two of my all-time favorites. And I've been craving them hard lately, so hard in fact that I dreamed about them! 

I was having trouble finding them at the local grocery store, so I kinda shrugged it off and pushed past the craving, but when I finally spotted them at a more fancy grocery store in the bulk bins, I just HAD to purchase. And eat and eat and eat. Yum! 

They're fruit shaped, though. So it's healthy. :P

What are your favorite candies? 


My last minute Halloween costume!

Can you guess who I am?

The mockingjay pin, the bow and arrow, the sideways braid...

Why, clearly I'm KATNISS EVERDEEN! 

Which, btw, is a super cheap and easy costume to throw together at the last second. Wear a black shirt, dark pants or jeans, boots, print out a mockingjay pin, throw a funky braid into your hair, and buy a $10 bow and arrow set at Target.


We attended a youth group Halloween party last night and let me just tell you, the teen gals loved my costume. I seriously felt famous for like 2 seconds. "OMGosh! You're Katniss! SO COOL!" It was silly/fun.

What are you wearing for Halloween?


  1. I LOVE that costume! What a great idea. (Plus you can even add a quick Peeta costume by having the boy just carry around a loaf of bread!)

    1. GENIUS! I didn't even think of that. I was wondering how I could get John to look like Peeta. DUH! Loaf of bread!

  2. I love starlight mints...when I quit smoking fifteen years ago...I ate them instead of smoking...still eating them. They are good to settle an upset stomach and they help aid in digestion when I eat too much.

    Don't know who you are talking about but I love putting together a costume on the cheap. I've bought a few and only wear them a few fav is dressing up as a cowgirl...since I used to ride horses...I have cowboy boots, the hat and the chaps.

    1. Starlight mints... so simple, yet so perfect. :) Good choice!

      If you don't know who that character is and you're looking for a good book to read, check out the Hunger Games series!

      And cowgirl... what a great easy costume! How fun!!

  3. Love the costume!!

  4. That's the kind of costume I like, simple and cheap. Also, I miss candy. That is all.

    1. Simple and cheap... I like it too! Also, eek! Sorry to tempt you with candy pics.


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