Monday, January 6, 2020

Marigold, Nine Months

Marigold is 9 months old!

20 pounds, baby!

28.25", 60 somethingth percentile!

We are pleased as punch with Marigold's solid sleep schedule. Again, still variations here and there, but in general it's:

7:30am - wake up
10am - nap 1
3pm - nap 2
8:30pm - bedtime

Knock on wood, but there's rarely a night when she needs a night feeding! And her naps are long and good, most days. Now if we could just get her brothers on board with uninterrupted night sleep, we'd be golden. :P

^^Side note: that's the outfit I wore as a 1-year-old on Christmas Day 1987. GAH! Sah cute!

-Dancing to music!
-Standing without holding on to anything for approximately 0.2 seconds.
-Climbing up things, like onto the dishwasher.
-Copying us when we say, "All done!" Hers is more like, "Aaah Duuuh," or sometimes just, "Aaahh!" I swear she's also copying, "Hiiiii!" sometimes and, "Yeah!"

Margo, Margsie, Margo Moo, MARGS!


-I wrote a nearly identical comment when Jude turned 9 months old, but Margo is into everrrythinggg! The dishwasher, trash, newly folded clothes, the basket of kids socks on the bottom shelf of the changing table, little specks of anything she finds on the floor (fuzz balls, old dried up food, MUD . . . ughhh), shoes, your hair. Seriously, anything is fair game.

-One of her silliest tricks is fussing in the high chair during meals enough so that we clean her up (which she haaaates, btw), let her get down to play, and then she proceeds to snack on the food that fell from her tray just minutes before. Like she was done being in the high chair, but still wanted to eat. It's pretty silly and only mildly gross (floor food, bleckkkk). 

^^Her first Christmas tree picking outing!

-Current favorite foods are cheese, bread/crackers/carbs, oranges, steamed apples, all the meats, and peanut butter. She'll try almost anything you put in front of her (including the celeriac we served her today . . . loved it!), but she has gotten a little more selective . . . and it tends to be the carbs that have won her chubby baby heart. But overall, still v pleased with how good of an eater she is!

^^ Cousin Christmas pics. No babies harmed, promise.

-Margsie has been so clingy lately, and we're pretty sure it's teething-related. She especially wants mommy, mommy, and only mommy, and she isn't all that content being put down for long, which is really out of the norm for her. So she has earned the right to sing, "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth!" Spoiler alert: one popped through a few days after Christmas. ;) 

-Btw, the boys call her Margsie all the time and it's bonkers cute. You don't know cute until you hear your 2yo and 4yo casually squeal "MARGSIE!" at the baby, 20 times a day.

-The way Marigold bounces and yips when we go get her from her crib after a good nap is just the best part of my days. It's a full body bounce. Like she's laying down, and she's pumping her arms and bouncing her legs off the crib mattress, and it's obviously pure Marigold love coming out through every inch of her body. This mom gig ain't half bad.  

-And when she's not in her grumpy teething mood, she's the most content, chill baby, and she loves to be put down so she can crawl and explore and climb and take in the vast world around her. She'll play on her own for, IDK, 30 minutes to an hour? I just love it. 

Happy 3/4 of a year, Margo Moo! We love you!

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