Thursday, March 5, 2020

Marigold, Eleven Months

Marigold is 11 months old!

21 pounds!

Still my awesome little sleeper. :) I can tell she's getting close to dropping down to one nap . . . her two naps are getting shorter, her own doing . . .  but we're not quite there yet.

7:30am - wake-up
10:30am - nap 1
3pm - nap 2
8pm - bedtime

It's so nice to have such a great schedule!

-Walking!! She can take about 6 steps on her own before plopping down on her bummy. Go, girl!
-Finally popped that 2nd top tooth!
-Eating way more; can demolish an entire banana in approx. 1 minute.
-Gives kisses when you ask for kisses! Wide open, slobbery wet kisses!
-One time said, "more more more more" when she wanted more blueberries.

Margsie, Margs, Margo, Sis, and Margo Go are the most common ones. But we've also started calling her Margzilla this month, since she's super into her brothers' toys and destroys their creations all the time.


-Current favorite foods: blueberries, mango, banana, oranges, grapes, peanut butter, bread, pizza, pasta . . . we're showing signs of a typical toddler diet all of a sudden. AKA fruits and carbs are awesome, veggies are ignored. :P

-Margo is suuuuuper clingy lately. I'm guessing it's the 3 teeth she's popping. She wants Mama all the time. She will occasionally tolerate other family members, like Daddy or Nana, but only if I'm out of sight. And the second she can see me again, she will start crying hard until she's in my arms. Sweet peanut.

-As seen above, Margsie got a huge head bruise this month. She fell and bonked her head on the coffee table and ended up with a good size egg + bruise after that. Then, the very next day, she fell while walking and didn't fully catch herself in time, bonking her head straight on the floor, and the egg on her head doubled in sized. Took a solid week, maybe two, for the bruise to finally go away.

-Marigold loves to play! When she's not in super clingy mode (about 50% of the time), you can put her down and she'll wander away and play with anything. She especially loves our barn toy, freshly folded piles of laundry, floor food that hasn't been cleaned up yet, or whatever her brothers are playing with.

-We have a walker! She's my earliest walker to date. She was just shy of 11 months old, so basically 10 months old, and she figured it out. It makes sense. She's got her brothers to keep up with, so she was highly motivated! At this point, it's still just a few small steps and then a plop to the floor and crawling the rest of the way. But I bet after another month of practice, she'll be walking a ton more.

-I am shocked, yet again, at how quickly this year has flown by. My sweet little lady is about to be 1! In true parents-of-three fashion, we've decided to forgo the big party this time and are just planning dinner and a cake with family and her Godparents to celebrate her first birthday. Leaning toward a unicorn theme, but would that be too cliche of me? Ha! Do I really care?

Happy 11 months, Marigold Claire! We love you, silly girl! 

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