Sunday, June 9, 2019

Jude is 2!

This was written when Jude actually turned two back in January. I'm posting now just to have this as a keepsake. :) 

Happy 2nd birthday to our sweet Jude Francis! What a joy it is to watch you grow SO BIG!

Our little Juji loves cars, trains, garbage trucks . . . he basically hasn't met a vehicle he doesn't LOVE. For his birthday, we celebrate with a Cars-themed party, and if you have a good memory, you're remembering that John Paul's 2nd birthday was also Cars-themed. These boys are two peas in a pod.

Jude also loves snuggling up with a good book, laughing and making mischief with his brother, eating berries, and doing arts and crafts. His language has exploded in the last few months, so now he likes to tell us exactly what he wants, usually with a "RIGHT NOW!" on the end.

He's a big fan of music, and his current favorites tunes are Old MacDonald and Wheels on the Bus; he loves that he can change the verses and usually requests the silliest things, like "Old MacDonald had a POOP!" or, "The Lightning McQueen on the bus goes kachow kachow kachow!"

He knows all his colors (pink & purple and blue & green tend to get swapped) and animal noises, but won't show off his skills if you ask him to. He's a shy boy when meeting new people and exploring new places, but int he comfort of his own home, he's loud and giggly and hilarious.

He's definitely a mama's boy, which melts my heart and also makes me just the teeniest bit worried about bringing home a new sibling two months from now.

We love you, Juji bear! You're a great person and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. May your next year be the best yet!

Pics from his birthday party . . .

Since his party was in January, we had to figure out a way to enjoy some inside fun. We decided to fill the water table with water beads! The kids loved it. Also, it made a ginormous mess of the floor and we'll probably never do it again. Lol, oops.

Cars decorations. :)

Pin the Trash on Mater!

He didn't exactly know what to do with the candles on his cake, so he just stared at them. Haha, sah cute!

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